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Blog > Discover the Harmony of Nature and Time with Treehut's Ocean Waste Collection

Discover the Harmony of Nature and Time with Treehut's Ocean Waste Collection

In the heart of every moment spent in nature's embrace, Treehut's Ocean Waste Collection resonates with the serene rhythm of the earth. This collection isn't just about telling time; it's a declaration of love for our planet, crafted through sustainable practices and a deep respect for the environment.

Sustainable Elegance: Wood Watches Reimagined

North Ebony Khaki Ocean: A pinnacle of eco-friendly sophistication, this wooden watch for men elegantly combines a dense ebony wood case with a khaki strap made from upcycled ocean plastic. It's more than a wood watch; it's a statement of environmental commitment and style.

Mission Green Sandalwood Ocean: This wooden watch showcases the beauty of green sandalwood, complemented by a sustainable strap crafted from ocean plastic. It’s not just a wooden watch for women or men; it's a testament to Treehut's commitment to sustainable watch brands.
Mission Green Sandalwood Ocean

North Chocolate Walnut Ocean: Merging the richness of chocolate walnut wood with eco-friendly materials, this wood watch for men stands out for its elegant design and sustainable essence.

Summit Tiger Eye Ocean: Blending the unique appeal of a marble watch with the warmth of zebrawood, this timepiece is perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of luxury and sustainability.
Summit Tiger Eye Ocean

Mission Hawaii Koa Ocean: Featuring Hawaii koa wood and a khaki ocean plastic strap, this wood watch is a symbol of Treehut's dedication to creating eco-friendly watches that resonate with nature lovers.

Immortal Ebony Automatic Ocean: An exemplary eco friendly watch, combining handcrafted ebony wood with a strap made from recycled ocean plastic, showcasing the beauty of sustainable watches.

A Timepiece for Every Eco-Conscious Soul

Treehut's Ocean Waste Collection is more than just a range of wooden watches for men and women; it's a celebration of sustainable watches. From the rustic charm of wood watches to the refined elegance of marble watches, this collection offers a sustainable watch for every taste and occasion.

Timekeeping with a Conscience

Each eco friendly watch in this collection, be it a marble watch or a wooden watch, stands as a beacon of Treehut's commitment to sustainable watch brands. By choosing one of these timepieces, you're not just keeping time; you're keeping a promise to the planet.

Conclusion: Embrace Sustainable Luxury with Treehut

Treehut's Ocean Waste Collection is more than a series of wooden watches; it's a journey towards a more sustainable future. Each wood watch, be it for men or women, each eco friendly watch, and each marble watch in this collection is a step towards a world where fashion and environmental responsibility coexist in harmony. Join Treehut in this noble pursuit and wear a symbol of hope and commitment on your wrist.

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