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Blog > Daylight Saving Time Facts | Perfect Gifts For Holidays

Daylight Saving Time Facts | Perfect Gifts For Holidays


Step into daylight! 


Daylight savings is a confusing time. Do I get more or less sleep? What’s the point?! Here are a few fun facts about it to get you thinking.


    1. It’s actually “saving” not “savings”!
      Many people call it daylight savings time however saving is actually singular. Pretty fascinating stuff!
    2. A bug collector actually came up with daylight savings.
      An entomologist (who did most of his bug hunting at night) became frustrated by how early the Sun set during summer. He thought pushing the clocks forward would provide more daylight for bug collecting and other evening things. The idea was proposed and was let go for being too complicated!
    3. Benjamin Franklin was half-kidding when he proposed the idea...
      He is often credited with first proposing daylight saving in his essay “En Economical Project.” It wasn’t until more than a century later that the idea was seriously considered.
    4. Not everyone in the US practices daylight saving.
      Hawaii and Arizona do their own thing. More than 70 nations practice it, but fewer than 40% of countries in the world do.
    5. The candy industry wanted in...
      For 25 years, candy makers wanted trick-or-treating to be included in daylight savings. They figured if they gave kids an extra hour of daylight, they would get more candy.




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