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Because You Listened

Because You Listened

You sat there like a good partner and listened to him complain over nothing and everything. Quite often his dishes are sitting in the sink for more than 24 hours. Maybe he’s left the toilet seat up a few too many times and your bottom has yet to recover from it. He even does that thing where he pretends to listen but responds at the right cues. Despite his many slip ups you love everything about that “Butt-head.” No matter what he’s your Butt-head and no one else's. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner what better way to remind him how much you appreciate his silliness, intelligence, and just for being himself. Buy your lover a “timeless” gift like one of our Treehut watches. Choose from several watches to engrave a special message on the back. But what to have engraved?

You are limited to ten words so try not to write a paragraph. The engraving should be sweet and simple. To help you brainstorm think of where the two of you first met, the first time you said “I Love You”, your shared favorite song, pet names, funny catch phrases or jokes only you two get, encouraging words, and most memorable moments. I’m sure your creative juices are flowing now. Below are some engravings he may also like:


 Here are some classic ways to say "I ❤️ You":

  1. I Love You ❤️ (Yes, you can include a ❤️ in your message)
  2. You Make Me Better
  3. Head Over Heels In Love With You
  4. Madly In Love
  5. My Favorite is You
  6. I fell for you
  7. My heart skips a beat when I am with you
  8. A true love story never ends
  9. You are my dream come true
  10. Fairytales do come true
  11. Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more
  12. I Will Always Love You
  13. I ❤️ My Husband
  14. You are the first and last thing I think about
  15. I love waking up next to you
  16. Every love story is beautiful but OURS is my favorite
  17. Every day I fall in love with you
  18. Loving you is like breathing how can I stop
  19. The best thing about me is you
  20. You hold my heart forever
  21. You are the reason behind my smile



Show him how well you understand his sense of humor:

  1. I love you forever but I can’t live that long
  2. From A Hopeless Romantic With A Dirty Mind
  3. Put On Your Positive Pants
  4. Dude (Or whatever silly phrase he always says)
  5. Love Your Trophy Wife
  6. In My Defense I was Left Unsupervised
  7. If Found Please Return To (Your Name)
  8. I’m Not Always Sarcastic Sometimes I’m Sleeping
  9. Never Give Up On Your Stupid Stupid Dreams
  10. You’re Lucky I’m Great In Bed
  11. Lucky to have found you to annoy for life
  12. You tripped me and I fell for you
  13. You’re like a sharpie. Super Fine


 Remind him to never give up on his dreams:

  1. Swag is for boys Class is for men
  2. You can if you think you can
  3. Courage Over Comfort
  4. I May Struggle But You Will Never See Me Quit
  5. Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud
  6. Being Happy Never Goes Out Of Style
  7. Never give up Never surrender
  8. Make Today Amazing
  9. The best is yet to come
  10. Now or Never
  11. Yesterday is but Today's memory and Tomorrow is Today's dream
  12. Follow your dreams believe in yourself and don't give up
  13. Reality is wrong Dreams are for real


 Encourage that adventurous spirit of his:

  1. Adventure Awaits
  2. Die With Memories Not Dreams
  3. Wander Often Wonder Always
  4. Let’s Wander Where The WIFI Is Weak
  5. I'll Keep You Safe You’ll Keep Me Wild
  6. Fill Your Life With Adventures Not Things
  7. We Have Nothing To Lose And A World To See
  8. Live For The Moments You Can’t Put Into Words
  9. You Are My Home And Adventure All At Once
  10. Seek Adventure
  11. You have been my greatest adventure
  12. Those Who Travel Together Stay Together
  13. Adventures are to be adventurous

Whatever engraving you pick should showcase how well you understand and care for him. For further ideas or watch selections check us out at InstagramFacebook, and our website ! Happy Valentine's day from the Treehut Team!


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