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Blog > 8 Must-Do Adventure Spots Around the World

8 Must-Do Adventure Spots Around the World

8 Must Do Adventure Spots Around the World
If there’s one thing you know about Tree Hut, it’s that our watches are designed, assembled, and distributed all from our small San Francisco studio. Yet, as much as we love the San Francisco vibe (cool coffee spots, colorful buildings, diverse people), sometimes we want to spread our wings and venture to other parts of the world. So, adventure with us, as we virtually explore 8 must-do adventurous spots around the globe.

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1. Minnerya National Park, Sri Lanka

What to Do: Ride an elephant, spot wildlife  

Elephant Riding

Tree Hut loves sustainable practices (our wood faces are sourced from FSC-certified forests). Hence, Minnerya National Park, in the heart of Sri Lanka, is one of our top desired places to visit! Minnerya is one of the innovators of eco-tourism, a promotional strategy designed to raise money from tourists in order to support land conservation. A diverse array of animals roam the park, including sambar deer, sloths, lorises, and even leopards. But the main perk for adventurer hunters is the opportunity to embark on an (ethically managed) elephant safari. Elephants are rather docile creatures, so the ride itself is tame, but it’s indescribably exciting to catch a glimpse of the landscape from above.  

2. Catacombs in Rome

What to Do: Walk the catacombs!



The Catacombs are best suited for the morbidly curious. Underneath the bustling city streets of modern-day Rome, tomb-lined tunnels stretch for miles long, carrying the bones of many of the first martyred and sanctified Christians. The catacombs weren't intended to be so morbid, yet modern society might find the underground tunnels filled with holy relics disturbing. 


3. Skeleton Coast, Namibia

What to Do: Explore the shore, safari in one of the most arid deserts in the world

Another spot for the morbidly curious, the Skeleton Coast of Namibia boasts the hulls of buried shipwrecked vessels, from modern and ancient times. Countless more have vanished below the surface of the sand, invisible to the eye. The Skeleton Coast is also intriguing in that there is neither fresh water nearby nor sustenance of any kind. So long as you don’t get lost, this spot is for those daring to battle hot weather in order to be in one of the most unique places on Earth.


4. Lake Louise, Canada

What to Do: Hike, downhill ski, river raft

Lake Louise in Canada, deemed the “Hiking Capital of Canada” and a “Diamond in the Wilderness”, may be more reminiscent of a "traditional" adventure. Abound with breathtaking waterfalls and glacier views, Lake Louise offers recreation for all types of adventure seekers: white water rafting on the Kicking Horse River (for first-time rafters and experienced rafters alike), driving along the Canadian Rockies, and downhill skiing. Yet, keep in mind that Lake Louise is more of a place for the solitary dweller. The next city is 3 hours away.


5. Grand Caymans

What to Do: Scuba dive, swim among schools of fish


The cozy Cayman Islands, actually an archipelago of three islands south of Cuba, continue to be a coveted Caribbean getaway for both adventurous and more immobile travelers. Gorgeous barrier reefs call to divers as the rum punch calls to the beach bums. We recommend diving in the Grand Caymans and checking out some of the colorful sealife…maybe find yourself in a shark tank.

6. Albuquerque, NM

What to do: Hot air ballon ride 

8 must-do adventure spots around the world Albuquerque hot air balloon ride

Albuquerque, NW is home of the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. This year it begins October 1st. Soar at the height of Rio Grande or up to 2,000 feet for 40-60 minutes. Beside the balloon rides, the festival also has light shows and music. 

7. Galapagos Islands

What to Do: Wildlife spotting, scuba diving

8 must-do adventure spots around the world galapagos islands scuba diving

Different sites are known for their specific scenery, vegetation, and wildlife. However, many species, such as sea lions, marine iguanas, lava lizards, and a variety of coastal birds such as herons, tattlers, plovers, turnstones, and whimbrels, are commonly seen at most locations.Galapagos is a world-class destination for scuba divers because of the abundance of sharks, sea lions, fur seals, marine turtles, rays, mantas, marine iguanas, and reef fishes.

8. Tasmania Franklin River

What to Do: River rafting, visit local villages 

 8 must-do adventure spots around the world Tasmania Franklin River rafting

On your Franklin River Rafting adventure you will experience surging rapids, exciting whitewater, tranquil gorges and rare pristine temperate rainforests. Native wildlife including platypus, wallabies, quolls, yellow-tailed black cockatoos and white-breasted sea eagles are often encountered. While rafting the World Heritage listed Franklin River, enjoy exotic and traditional cuisine in a unique wilderness setting, with the emphasis on gourmet fresh Tasmanian produce and herbs.

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