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Blog > 7 Facts About The Fall Season | Wooden Watches For Fall

7 Facts About The Fall Season | Wooden Watches For Fall

Spice, Spice Baby.


Leaves are falling and summer is waving goodbye. But honestly, we couldn’t wait for the crisp fall air to arrive. The best activities come about this time of year. We’re talking apple picking, finding a custom for Halloween, carving a jack-o'-lantern, picnics! You get the idea. Pick your brain with these fun fall facts and come on, jump into the pile of leaves. You know you want to.


7 Facts About Our Favorite Season of All.


    1. While in the United States this season is usually referred to as “fall,” the British call it “Autumn”.
    2. Those who live in the equator or near the center of the planet never experience fall! Can you imagine?
    3. Pumpkin spice has actually nothing to do with pumpkins. Sorry guys. Turns out, it’s just the spice used to make pumpkin pie!
    4. The amount of sugar in leaves is what causes their color change. The redder it is, the more sugar it contains.
    5. Fall is the season when love is in the air! Most people go from single to in a relationship in this season than any other one. Is it the pumpkin carving?
    6. Kids born during the fall may be more likely to live longer and be better students.
    7. The outfits are sleeker than ever. Okay, this is not a fact per se, but we do love a leather band watch to match our coziness.



Are you fall-ing for these picks? We are too.



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