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Blog > 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Sunglasses

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Sunglasses


Should I Choose Wooden Sunglasses? And Why?


We know, we know. Beaches are closing, tans are fading, and bathing suits are getting tucked in the back of a drawer until next season. Summer is officially over, but here’s the thing… Just because it’s cooler doesn't mean the sun stopped shining. So don’t hang up those sunglasses just yet.  After all, the sun can shine bright on leaves and snow just like it can on a day at the beach.

But if your sunglasses have been through enough after a busy summer (or if you’re just ready for a change)... how do you go about finding which new pair is right for you? You might know we’re partial to wooden sunglasses, but you might not know why. So let us fill you in before we go any further.


Why we love wooden sunglasses


1. They’re lightweight. If you’ve ever tried to wear clunky, uncomfortable frames, you know how vital it is that your sunglasses rest lightly on your face. A good pair of wooden frames rests more like a butterfly kiss (and less like a weightlifter’s dumbbell.)

2. They keep their temperature. In the colder months, you probably won’t want metal frames near your skin. Metal gets frigidly cold in adverse weather, whereas wood frames won’t.

3. They’re unique. You know how every wood grain is different? Well that means every pair of sunglasses made from woodgrain is different, too. (You won’t find that in metal or plastic.)

4. They’re comfortable. Wood frames fit to your face in a way that metal usually can’t. It’s not often that we can be stylish AND comfortable, but it’s one of our favorite things when we can.

5. They’re better for the earth. Who needs more plastic that eventually ends up in a landfill? When wood glasses are sustainably produced (like ours are!), it’s so much better for the environment than the alternative. Beyond that, wood frames are generally treated with natural oils and waxes, which means they’re much easier on sensitive skin.

6. They’re made with love. Of course we use tools, but most of what we produce here at Treehut is handmade. It’s a good feeling knowing your glasses were lovingly designed and given a truly artisanal touch before they reached you.


     Are wooden sunglasses right for me?

    Okay, so that’s why we love them—but what about you? How can you know that they’re right for you?

    Well, that’s a great question, and one we’re happy to answer. Of course, we’re pretty convinced that almost anyone would benefit from the beauty, uniqueness, and great fit that wooden sunglasses offer, but there are always exceptions to every rule.

    Wooden sunglasses probably WON’T be a good match for you if you:

    • Often leave your glasses in a cold car or on a hot dashboard
    • Have a tendency to damage glasses easily (wood can’t be straightened back if you bend it)
    • Often use your glasses in humid environments like saunas or indoor pools
    • Wear them snowboarding or motorcycling (they can break if you have a nasty fall)
    • Have a nose shape that doesn’t fit them (most people can wear them with no trouble, but there are no adjustable nose pads if you do run into problems)


    So what's the verdict? It's up to you! 

    As with anything in life, we can’t tell you whether something is definitely right or wrong for you. But we can say this—wooden glasses are our favorite way to protect our eyes, both for their beautiful style and their eco-friendliness.

    So whether you want a new season upgrade or you’re just curious what wooden glasses are all about, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love at Treehut!



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