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Blog > Dad Hairdos and Mustaches throughout the Decades

Dad Hairdos and Mustaches throughout the Decades

evolution of dad hairstyles and facial hair

From a slicked back do to the man bun, trendy, dad hair has evolved unexpectedly from the 1900s to 2010s. Even when a hairdo persisted over the decades, dads' facial hair still changed. Of course there are always outliers- dads who go against the norm and invent their own wacky due.


Dad hair didn't change much from the 1900s to 1930s. Men sported greasy hair slicked over with ointments in one of three ways: slicked back, parted in the middle, or parted deeply to one side. The hairstyle was known as helmet hair. What did change in these three decades were the mustaches.

At the turn of the 19th century, dads were done with beards since beards reportedly hoarded germs. Instead dads sported thick and villainy handle bar mustaches or clean shaved faces. Though in the 1930s, tooth brush statches became popular.

1900s Handlebar Mustache


The outlier- 1920s pencil mustache popularized by actor Rudolph Valentino.


1930s Tooth Brush Mustache on Charlie Chaplin


By the 1940s, dad hair was getting less greasy and more voluptuous.


Toothbrush mustaches fell out of fashion, thanks to Hitler, by 1945 and was replaced by the revived handle bar style. Per BBC, the handlebar mustache symbolized the bravest heroes in war. So brave dads like this one wore them: 


In the 1950s, Elvis and Greece influenced dads' Rock and Roll Hairdos.



In the 1960s, the Elvis hairdo has a new competitor, known today as the bowl cut. Dads let their hair grow long and fall around their face in a style that is probably thanks to the Beetles.


From the 1960s to 70s, facial hair grew out and dads were back to wearing beards. Mustaches were lost until the 1980s, when dads got obsessed with the TV show Magnum P.I. and shaved their beards off to match Thomas Magnum. 


The last we saw of the mustache was in the 90s, when Tom Selleck played Monica's boyfriend on Friends. Though by then, dads had long given up on the Magnum mustache and staches dwindled down to nothing until 2003 at the advent of Movember. By the 1980s, dad hair grew into a mullet- business up front and a part int the back. By the 90s the greased up do was cut to their shoulders in the back while the bangs grew long in the front.  


By the 2000s, dads were done looking like they shared a stylists with their wives and decided to cut off their locks. Instead they spiked up their newly shortened hair.


The outlier- bleached blonde, spiked hair.


Fast forward to present day and man buns are all the rage. So John Snow knows one thing after all and that's trendy hair. 


2010s outlier - Snooki poof for dads/the evolved Skrillex cut- a man bun with the sides shaved. Scruffy beards are a fav for dad facial hair.  

How does your dad style his hair? Drop a picture in the comments below!  


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