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Blog > 10 Show-Stopping Summer Wedding Trends You'll Love | Best Groomsmen Gifts | Engraved Watches

10 Show-Stopping Summer Wedding Trends You'll Love | Best Groomsmen Gifts | Engraved Watches

We are made to love but we are also visual creatures: what better season to bask in a new union than sultry summer? The secret to planning a memorable wedding no matter the season lies in creating a series of interactive experiences. Think back to some of those summer weddings you might have attended as a guest: what magical elements made it feel like a special event? They engaged all your senses and made you feel like you were part of the story.

Comb through our summer wedding checklist for ideas you haven’t thought of:



  1.              Creative Invitations

To amp up the anticipation and create a sense of intrigue and exclusivity, your wedding announcements need to give a strategic sneak-peak of what you’ve got in store for your prospective guests. Leave a strong impression with some creative writing, inventive color schemes and images, interesting fonts and paper card choices.



  1.              Targeted Theme


We know it’s hard; there are so many things to love. Beachy, botanical, astronomical? Favorite movie, book, or sports team? After some focused brainstorming, you and your beloved will hit upon the theme that feels truest to your love story. Once decided, it will help guide the direction of most everything else. It’s all in the details!



  1.              Laid-Back Music for Atmosphere

To keep up the mood, a well-curated playlist is king. As zany or as subtle as your theme might be, music choice will be the balancing act. You want your guests to let a little loose and enjoy themselves, and the easiest way to do that is by including time-honored hits sure to get them moving and grooving. And because they’re there to celebrate you and your betrothed, we know you won’t shy from including a few of your favorite, most meaningful songs.



  1.              Bridal Dress Minimalist Silhouettes and Edgy Cuts

This summer, all eyes are trained on simple bare elegance. We’re talking wispy, gauzy fabrics that make room for that passing summer breeze. Brides looking for something different are finding their vision in a healthy mix of bohemian and edge. Luxe beadwork and rich brocades on smart cuts fit the bill.



  1.             Suspended Flower Arrangements

Regardless of your chosen theme, there are a variety of ways to let floating flowers creep into the scene. Use a volume of roses, hydrangeas and willow branches for a pretty canopy. For a lighter touch, sprinkle leis made up of garden roses, anemones and ferns. Ceiling vines with wisteria and hanging ivies give a rustic feel.



  1.             Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Settle on a shade and pass a couple color swatches around as a guideline, enforce a few cut requirements and send your bridesmaids shopping. This gives your valued friends a chance to get creative and collaborate. The result will be personalized dresses that’ll make everyone feel good in their own skin while still honoring your creative vision. It’s win-win.



  1.             Statement Jewelry and Bold Lips

Standout earrings, choker necklaces: these are just a few popular pieces finding their way on wedding aisles the world over to complement the particular neckline or cut of your dream dress.



  1.              Eco-Friendly Party Favors

Some of your guests will likely be coming from afar to join the party, looking to make the most of their time. If you plan for the wedding festivities to run for an entire weekend, reward your cherished guests with something they can immediately use, like a canvas tote bag to lug home souvenirs from their trip. Swap out those throwaway baubles for something more evergreen. 



  1.         Set the Scene: Non-Traditional Venues

If you’re looking to move beyond the conventional church-and-dancehall combo, there are many other possibilities that make marriage material. Couples have gotten wildly creative, choosing barns, antique bookstores, renting backyards in full bloom, even boxing gyms. Depending on your love story, a cleverly chosen venue is the biggest way to create an experience your guests will always remember and gush to their friends about.



  1.          Unexpected Entertainment

If you’re looking for a way to send your guests off with something more than just a small party favor (or want to do away with it completely), invest in providing memorable experiences instead. There is entertainment to be had in the form of a band, skilled DJ playing your themed set, moving sketch artist, tarot card readers, magicians or performance art. Whatever your reception’s theme, there is bound to be a fit.


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