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Meet Cha Cha: The Yorkie Tripod!

Meet Cha Cha: The Yorkie Tripod!

Meet Cha Cha: The 3 legged tripod Yorkie Dog!

Q: What do you call a dog with no legs?
A: It doesn't matter -- he's not going to come anyway.

Hey Treehutters! We're excited to introduce the newest member to the Tree Hut crew: CHA CHA! He's sassy, intelligent, affectionate, and ridiculously adorable -- all the qualities we look for in new Tree Hut recruits. Curious about his life before joining the Hut, we sat down with Cha Cha for a brief interview.

Cha Cha, the 3 legged tripod Yorkshire Terrier!

Hey Cha Cha! Thanks for taking time to interview with me.

So first, can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a 3-year-old, 4 pound, 3 legged Yorkie. I lived in a dog shelter for a couple of those years. My name used to be Tripod before my human adopted me. A lot of people mistake me for a girl, but I'm a boy. Is that enough?

What would you say your hobbies are?
That's a tough question. I like to do a lot of things, like sniff everything in sight, run in circles, eat treats, pee on the floor, bark...

Why do you like barking?
As you know, I just got hired to be on the Tree Hut crew as their watch dog (haha, get it?). It's my job to defend the office from potential threats like the Postman and other men in uniform. Even though the humans say it's OK when strangers come into the office, they're wrong. They don't understand I've gotta do my job!

Tell me more about your job as a watch dog.
I've got that Yorkie "spunk." You know how they say "dogs are man's best friend?" Well, Yorkies are man's greatest protector. I run after anything that crosses my path and I investigate any dog that comes into my territory. I never back down from a challenge, no matter how big the other dog is (pit bulls may be an exception).

So is that why you like to chase every. single. thing. around?
Yes, that's correct. It's in my DNA, baby.

Do you consider yourself a hard worker?
Absolutely! I come to work every Monday through Friday from 1pm to 5pm. I haven't missed a day yet! Of course, I do take my well-deserved breaks, when my human walks me around the block in Glen Park, San Francisco. There's so many good smells, like from the cheese shop next door or the bakery up up the block.

Cha Cha being a watch dog for Tree Hut wooden watch company in San Francisco

Do you think you have the personality traits of a typical Yorkshire Terrier?
I'd say so. All of us Yorkies come from a working class background -- we were bred to catch vermin in the house and farm -- so we've got some solid middle class values. We like our days to be simple and planned, with no surprises. We don't like being pampered either.

What do you think of people?
I LOVE people. I've gotta be one of the most affectionate pups around. I thrive on love! At work, I jump around from employee to employee, trying to jump into their lap (they actually pick me up because I can't jump that high) so I can be pet and snuggled.
Cha Cha, Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Tripod Dog

What's your favorite Tree Hut watch?
Definitely the All Wooden Zebrawood + Ebony 37. It matches my fur so well!
The all wooden watch is equipped with high quality Japan quartz movement and stainless steel tri-fold clasp with push buttons. Diameter of the dial 1.7 inches. Strap and case are made of 100% wood with zebra wood framed with beautiful dark Ebony.  • Ship Next Business Day!  • Watch and Watch Band Made from Real Wood • Japanese Quartz Movement  • Strap Made from Real Wood • Clasp Made from Stainless Steel Tri-Fold with Push Buttons  • Minimalist Design • Durable & Long Lasting

That's all the questions I have for today! I really enjoyed talking with you, Cha Cha.
So when do I get that treat you promised me...?

Curious about the rest of the Tree Hut crew and how we started? Check out our About Us page!

4 commentaires sur Meet Cha Cha: The Yorkie Tripod!

  • Coriander
    CorianderJanuary 22, 2017

    Love this article! WELL WRITTEN! Where has Cha-Cha been recently?

  • Kim
    KimJune 22, 2016

    Cha Cha, what a fiesty little guy you are! Good on your for holding your own weight at the shop inspite of missing a wee little tootsie! Keep doing what yorkies do best; barking at… Life!

  • Jen
    JenJune 22, 2016

    Awwwwwww how cute!

  • Addie
    AddieJune 22, 2016

    Awwwww Cha Cha is adorable!! =D What a wonderful team addition for y’all lol

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