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Will You Be My Tinderella?

Will You Be My Tinderella?

will you be my tinderella

Stacy looked around an almost empty bar. The place was never packed, it’s a locals only kind of spot, and locals are few and far between in this small town in Ohio. “I wanted to go somewhere I was familiar with and I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him by choosing a fancy place, so I choose a dive bar close to my house.“


Stacy nervously glanced around. The few guys her age were grouped together at the bar. They looked like they’d been there a while; their heads hung low over large, empty mugs and their running conversation was slurred and loud enough to hear from the entrance. “you treated her beautifully, it’s not your fault she left”

These were not the guys Stacy was looking for, or so she desperately thought. She pulled out her phone, opened her tinder account, and scrolled through her matches until she found Bryan. In quick double takes, she compared the bar guys to the gleaming photo of Bryan with his miniature husky pup.

“No these weren’t the guys.“ Stacy thought.

Stacy had never before met someone in real life, who she first met on tinder. She was starting to second-guess her decision to meet him, so she b-lined it straight to the door knocking into a tall guy, who was making his way into the bar.

“I’m so sorry… Stacy Hi!” he recognized her right away.

 Bryan bought Stacy a beer, and the pair comfortably sat in a booth and talked as if they were old friends.

“Bryan was and still is charismatic, he was super attentive, always asking follow up questions to my silly stories.” Stacy felt instantly comfortable around him, so when he asked her to leave the bar with him, she agreed.

“Bryan used to drive a huge truck, and when we left the bar that day, he had two bicycles in the bed.” He pulled out the bikes and offered one to her. His favorite restaurant was a 15-minute bike ride south.

That night they drove bikes, drank beer, and snuggled. The night inspired the engraving Stacy bought Bryan, “To drinking beers, bike rides, and snuggles.”

 Theoswipe right

They’ve been together ever since. It was the first person either of them had met in real life from Tinder. The two deleted their accounts that night and haven’t been on since.


For Stacy’s birthday this year, Bryan returned the favor, and bought Stacy a matching wood watch that read, “So glad I swiped to the right.”

Are you one of the few tinder relationships to make it through! Tell us about your first real life date in the comments below.

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