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Why Each Wood Is Unique: The Art of Finding The Perfect Wood

Why Each Wood Is Unique: The Art of Finding The Perfect Wood

Possibly contrary to popular belief, not all woods are created equal. In the world of woodwork, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to picking the right wood for your project. Our project, as you all know, is making incredibly well crafted and designed watches for the world to enjoy. But this doesn't happen over night, and we take pride in the fact that this is no easy feat. 


Tree Hut Watches


It all begins with FSC certified eco-friendly wood. What is the FSC you ask? The Forrest Stewardship Council is a global non-profit organization established to promote responsible management of the worlds forests. Here at Tree Hut it's essential to us that we preserve the environment and only use woods that have been certified as sustainable and eco-friendly. After finding a supplier that is certified by the FSC, it's on to the toughest step, actually picking the wood for cutting. Now as stated before, not all woods are created equal and this holds true for even the same kind of wood. Wood can have different characteristics based on season, location, temperature, and humidity; all of these elements are considered prior to cutting.



Hardwoods and softwoods are another principal detail in most cases. Although, for us, we primarily make use of hardwoods. Ebony, Walnut, Zebra, and Bamboo are all classified as hardwoods. (Fun fact, bamboo is technically considered grass. Who would have thought?) We do show our softer side with Rosewood! Wood grain is another major element, this is the direction of which the wood fibers are moving; it's what gives the woods their tight patterns, and tight patterns are key! The tighter the patterns the more unique each cut is. 


Only once we've completed every necessary step, inspected each individual piece, and carefully cut the wood to perfection; then we can begin doing what we do best...making beautiful watches to make you smile!

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