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Tree Hut Watch Summer Fashion Inspiration... for Women!

Tree Hut Watch Summer Fashion Inspiration... for Women!

Tree Hut Inspired Summer Fashion for Women

Let's be honest -- the gender line isn't that defined for ladies. Oversized watches are in and they're incredibly chic! Plus, what's cuter than having a matching watch with your significant other...?

This pair of two bamboo wooden watches is equipped with high quality Japan quartz movement. Diameter of the dials is 1.7 inches and 1.3 inches. Strap is made of genuine leather.  • Watch made from Real Wood • Japanese Quartz movement  • Strap made from genuine leather • High Quality Soft Genuine Leather for your everyday wear • Minimalist Design • Durable & Long LastingTree Hut Wood Watches Unisex Personalized and Engraved Gift, Creative Fashion Accessory

If you're looking for some outfit inspiration for your gender-neutral accessory, why not wear something gorgeously feminine? It's almost summer, so start showing off those Legs, Arms, and Tums.

Here are some of our favorite summer-inspired pieces: 


Products Featured:
* = small business (like us!)

1. Two Piece Pineapple Dress by Merlow Avenue [x]
2. I Love You 143 Cord Bracelet by Sunday Girl Jewelry [x]*
3. Lace Crochet Beach Coverup by Bling Bling [x]
4. Blue Banana Print Backpack by Lionheart Couture [x]
5. Loose Lace Patchwork A-Line Dress by LOVE143 [x]
6. Eloise Floral Dress by Shop Priceless [x]
7. Gold & Silver Plated Pineapple Necklace by imismi style [x]*
8. Casual Chiffon Minidress by Lionheart Couture [x]

and of course...

The Zero Black 
Tree Hut Wood Watch with bamboo case, black leather strap handcrafted minimalist
Get your handcrafted, wooden watch personalized and engraved for less than $100!

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Since a decade ago when we started, our commitment goes beyond crafting exquisite timepieces; it extends to a dedication to sustainability. Join our movement towards a greener future and wear a watch that not only tells time but tells a story of conscious living.

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