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Tree Hut Accidentally Ships Out Pokémon Instead of Watches!

Tree Hut Accidentally Ships Out Pokémon Instead of Watches!

Tree Hut Accidentally Ships Out Pokemon Instead of Personalized Wood Watches!

Dear Treehutters,

Every small business has its mishaps. Admittedly, our little team sometimes fumbles with orders: from hand-assembling watches to marketing to shipping; we do it all in our tiny San Francisco studio. So, naturally, once in a while, we make a mistake. Although it is embarrassing to admit failure, we believe the best policy is to be transparent and honest with you guys.

That said, last week, Tree Hut accidentally shipped out hundreds of Pokemon in our watch boxes instead of watches. As inquisitive emails started pouring in, we realized our mistake...but it was too late! 

Tree Hut Accidentally Ships Out Pokemon Instead of Wood Watches!

Customers received all types of Pokemon -- from electric to bug to fire. We attribute the error to the fact that Tree Hut is also a Pokestop, where trainers and gym leaders come from all around San Francisco to rest their pets. It seems that a significant amount of Pokemon mistook our watch boxes for self-service healing machines and their trainers left without noticing they were gone.

Mischa, from Chicago, wrote us, lamenting:

"I'm very disappointed you sent me a Zubat instead of the Redwood + Ebony 04 I ordered. Of all Pokemon to accidentally send, why a Zubat? They're the greatest argument for population control! This Pokemon emits an awful screech that rings in my ears every time I try to sleep! I thought they were only found in caves...and now they're in my house? I demand a full refund."

We issued Mischa a return label for the Zubat and promptly sent him his watch, but the damage had already done (the Zubat, unfortunately, destroyed Mischa's prized figurine collection). For that, we apologize.

However, it should be noted that some customers were beyond delighted to receive Pokemon in the mail. Kelly, from New York, shot us an email of joy:

"I am so thrilled that your team finally got into the Pokemon smuggling business! While your strength is no doubt making watches (I would still like to purchase another Boyd), you're pretty darn good at knowing which Pokemon your customers will love.  I was so excited to get Umbreon because I didn't even have to catch Eevee myself! He is so awesome and our personalities meld so well. Thanks Tree Hut!" 

Here are some pictures of the Pokemon we accidentally shipped out hanging with their new owners:

Pokemon Go Screenshot of PikachuPokemon Go Snapshot of Bulbashot at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Pokemon Go Snapshot of Scyther at NYC ChinatownPokemon Go Snapshot of Pidgey

Pokemon Go Snap of Pidgeotto with Tree Hut Boyd Blue Bamboo Wood Watch

Source: Reddit Pokemon Go Snap

Unfortunately, we have requested that all customers send back their Pokemon. With the help of Professor Willow, we are currently in the process of returning them to their rightful owners. We thank you for your support during this tumultuous time.


Did you catch a Pikachu yet? Comment below!



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