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Texts from Dad: Best of All Time | Engraved Wooden Watch for Dad | Best Gift For Dad

Texts from Dad: Best of All Time | Engraved Wooden Watch for Dad | Best Gift For Dad

Dads: our protectors, mentors, best friends, and closet comedians. The thing about dads is that they've earned their stripes in this world, having accumulated a lifetime of experience and source material, in danger of being unleashed any second. 

As evidence of this, we've scoured the Internet and put together a modest dada-base of our favorite dad texts*. 


1.     Dad, the Protector

Remember those times when Dad so courageously played the hero, saving you from the imminent threat of critters big and small? Remember also those times when, occasionally, he couldn't resist playing you?


2.     Dad on Tech Training Wheels

At first you found it entertaining, helping Dad learn the ins and outs of his smartphone. You were excited for Dad as he began to broaden his horizons. Little did you know, you actually opened a can of worms. 




3.     Cryptic Dad

Sometimes when Dad fumbled over a text message trying to check in on your well-being, what actually came through was a sometimes creepy, sometimes confusing string of words. 



4.      Dad Keeping Things All Too Real

Leave it to Dad to catch you off guard when you think you're the one being clever or when you're really just sincerely trying to engage.                   



5.     Spontaneous Dad

Think back on those times when you found Dad in those mysterious moods, when he tested your sense of adventure, when he was up (in the middle of the night) for almost anything. Anything was game, so long as everyone was safe and eating healthy:



6.     Dad Pushing the Boundaries of Text Etiquette

Sometimes Dad was so high on his own joke supply that he failed to take you seriously as you desperately plead for help. When threats of getting Mom involved had no bearing, you knew he was spiraling out of control:



If you've saved some of your own favorite dad texts over the years, we'd love to hear from you. Please leave a comment or follow us on our regular channels! Here we are on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Youtube. Let's start a conversation and get to know each other!

If you're looking for a way to convert one of your favorite dad jokes into a personalized, handcrafted wooden watch, we've got a starter guide to send you on your way. If you're looking for engraving ideas of the more traditional variety, borrow some stellar samples here


*Dad text screenshots sourced from Thought Catalog

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