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9 Peaceful Facts About Meditation | De-stress by Shopping Treehut Watches

9 Peaceful Facts About Meditation | De-stress by Shopping Treehut Watches

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Get Zen: 9 Peaceful Facts About Meditation


The world is stressful—especially right now. And sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it. After all, stress is just a part of life… right? Well, while there’s no way to remove stress from your life completely, there are definitely things that can help you cope. You can meditate, for example.

Meditation is a great way to slow down, focus, and find the calm. And whether you’re a meditation expert or you’ve never heard of such a thing, the way it affects your brain is crazy interesting… which is why we put together 9 facts about this awesome practice of ancient mindfulness.


9 Crazy Interesting Facts About Your Brain on Meditation


  1. Children with ADHD who practice meditation have better concentration at school.
  2. Meditation inspires social connections, improves empathy and kindness, increases helpfulness, and increases resilience and mental endurance, even in children.
  3. Because meditation stimulates the neocortex and reduces stress, it can profoundly enhance creativity and innovation.
  4. Meditation can help relieve lower back pain more effectively than other standard treatments, such as over-the-counter or prescription medications, hot and cold compresses, and, in some cases, surgery.
  5. Compared to the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® program, mindful meditation helped people quit smoking permanently at a much higher rate.
  6. Meditation fights aging in all regions of the brain.
  7. The Walt Disney Company was one of the first companies to incorporate meditation into its workplace. The company noticed a dramatic increase in creativity after employees mediated on certain projects and ideas.
  8. It’s not for everyone. Some people have also experienced hallucinations, psychotic episodes, depression, and other mental and physical impacts, especially if the person has a pre-existing mental or physical condition.
  9. Even a single, brief meditation session can boost positive feelings and decreases stress.


Meditate On It


Not sure if meditation is for you? That’s okay! Just remember to find your own way to destress—life is too short to waste it with worry. 


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