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3 Legs Doesn't Stop This Dog!

3 Legs Doesn't Stop This Dog!

3 Legs Doesn't Stop This Yorkie Tripod!

If you've been following the Tree Hut soap opera at home, you know that we recently adopted Cha-Cha, a spunky rescue Yorkie tripod. Thank you for all the positive comments welcoming our new addition to the team! He's taken on the official title of Watch Dog in Chief.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole. 🐶 Cha Cha wags "hi" from the Tree Hut office!

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While Cha-Cha may be Instagram famous, his fans haven't really had a taste of his personality yet. They know that he barks a lot and randomly pees on the floor, but what else does he do? What makes the Tree Hut team love him so much? Does he do cool tricks, like play dead or jump through a hoop of fire? Is it because of his beautiful mane of beach blonde hair?

Cha Cha the Yorkie Tripod Rescue Dog

Nah...Cha-Cha has a unique personality and that's why he's so lovable. His curious personality no doubt results from his tragic upbringing. Poor Cha-Cha's been through a lot more than just losing a leg. He also has chronic itchy skin and he's missing a tooth. We're not quite sure how he lost his leg...or his tooth. It was from a traumatizing situation that he can't remember. We speculate it's somehow connected to rubbing alcohol.  Every time he smells it, he goes wild (and not in a good way). Then again, he's also scared of supermarkets and hard surfaces...

We've come to terms with the fact that Cha-Cha is weird. He sticks his nose up at regular dog food, preferring imitation smoked duck. He once tried to befriend a robot vacuum cleaner! No word yet on how their relationship is going. He also randomly dashes around the house at lightning speeds, chasing nothing in particular. And, his walking is more like an interpretive dance. He tends to travel sideways.  

In just two months, Cha-Cha's made a remarkable transformation from a timid country dog to an eccentric city lover. Like a true San Franciscan, he's not afraid to voice his opinion. If he doesn't like that shirt you're wearing, he'll let you know. 

Scene from the Lion King Holding Simba Up in the Air

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He even graduated from small dog training with a B.A. in Discipline. Who's a good boy? You are, Cha-Cha! Being educated is one of Cha-Cha's greatest accomplishments. Well, besides learning how to pee proudly with one of his three legs up.

Cha Cha the Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Dog and his Certificate of Graduation

Having only three legs doesn't stop this pup from living life to the fullest! We should all learn a valuable lesson from Cha-Cha: "Never let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey."

Got any fan mail for Cha-Cha? Comment below!

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