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Rule Book: How to Wear Denim on Denim

Rule Book: How to Wear Denim on Denim

denim on denim guidelines for girls and guys

Denim on Denim looks equally good on guys as girls. Wear it wrong, and it looks equally bad. Here's the rule book with some basic guidelines on how to wear denim on denim. 

1. Navy on Navy 

navy denim on denim Fendi 2016 Spring Summer Line - Denim on denim

Matching the color of your jeans to your shirt can be odd or seamless depending on the shade of denim. Though white on white is nice with white jeans and a non denim top, white on white denim can be overbearing, and black on black can be boring. The different shades of navy are great colors for denim on denim matching. Use your accessories to add color variety to your outfit like the blue cardigan, black scarf and shoes in the above left photo or the white shoes and black bag in the above right photo.

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2. Matching the Fade 

light on dark denimfaded denim on denim

Distressed, or faded, jeans blend different shades of blue and are a great way to match darker and lighter denim pieces. Suspenders, over a tucked in button up, are a cool accessory for tapered guy jeans. With a slim fitted jean, guys might like to tuck the hem into their socks for a jogger look. 


3. Gradient Colors

gradient jeans gradient denim button up, denim on denim

Jeans with a color gradient, or hombre, pull together a denim on denim outfit. The change in color means more colors to match with. Though the white jeans and light blue denim top are a classic match. 


4. Contrast 

denim on denim, white jeans with a grey jacket

Contrasting dark and light, especially white, denims can be tricky. Luckily this distressed jacket has lighter spots which compliment the white jeans nicely. The washed out color of the jacket isn't too blue for the pants. The grey sweater brings out the jacket's neutral undertones and looks great with the white jeans.


5. Classic Matches 

denim on denim classic matches

    classic matches denim on denim

Denim on denim might be popular this Spring, but it's not the first time. These classic looks are wardrobe basics. Pair white jeans with a baby blue top for a summer city look. Conversely you can pair a deep navy top with a slighter brighter blue jean. Save distressed and hombre pieces for another outfit, this style looks best with monotone pieces.   


6. Black Denim 

denim on denim, black jeans navy shirtBlack denim jeans, denim on denim  

Black denim looks better with darker blue tones like the above left photo, but can work with lighter blues like the above right photo. Going lighter than this blue can leave your outfit looking thrown together. 

7. Non Traditional Colors 

color denim on denim

Watch: Nova Rustic Amber 

Colorful denim accessories are a great way to brighten up an otherwise dull outfit. A watch with a khaki green or an orange denim band is a great balancing pair. Add a nontraditional denim color to your wardrobe to stand out from the denim blue crowd!   

denim blue wooden watches by

Check out our new denim blue wooden watches to add even more denim on denim. 

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