Strap Made From Ocean Waste

The process of making these recycled ocean waste straps started on the beach: ocean plastic bottles are collected first. They are then spun into high quality, durable, sustainable yarn-like filaments before woven into this water resistant strap.

Ocean Waste Project

By removing waste from the oceans, these projects directly contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems. Our projects help mitigate the harmful effects of pollution on marine life, including entanglement and ingestion of plastic by animals.

Treehut's Journey

Our ocean waste cleanup projects help maintain the health and balance of marine ecosystems. By reducing pollution levels, they support biodiversity, including the survival of coral reefs, fish populations, and other vital marine organisms.

Reinvent Through Design

Treehut's ocean waste projects raise awareness about the severity of marine pollution and its far-reaching impacts. Through educational initiatives and outreach programs, they empower individuals and communities to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce their plastic consumption.

Quality and Style

Treehut's Ocean Waste strap is soft, stylish, comfortable, perfectly to be paired with Treehut wood watches. With this combination, you can not only accessorize with confidence but also contribute to the preservation of our oceans.