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Top 10 Rustic Groomsmen Gifts
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Top 10 Rustic Groomsmen Gifts

It’s summer, which means you are about to see many couples getting married in a barn soon (if not exactly a barn, then a venue that resembles one). Although wedding trends come and go, the old-school charm of rustic weddings has yet to lose its allure. This could be because people perceive ballroom weddings — complete with a black-tie dress code and hors d'oeuvres — as outdated. In contrast, rustic weddings are a low-key affair, creating a more intimate and warm ambiance. They have evolved from mason jars and homespun touches, now incorporating eclectic details that add authenticity to their natural backdrop. Beyond the bronze fixtures and desert-toned florals, however, many forget to align the theme with aspects beyond the ceremony itself — for instance, rustic groomsmen gifts. 

Not only will they contribute to the overall cohesion of the celebration, but also enhance your wedding party's experience. After all, these are your golf buddies, drinking buddies, gaming buddies, work buddies (and so on). They deserve curated gifts for standing by your side on the big day — or for at least showing up without wearing mismatched socks or the wrong shoes. 

Whether you are looking for individual tokens of appreciation or a one-size-fits-all gift for your crew, Treehut has compiled a list of rustic groomsmen gifts that go beyond traditional options (like boring silk ties), and serve a practical purpose so as to avoid ending up in the junk drawer. 

Wooden Watches

wooden watches for rustic groomsmen gifts

We may be biased, but wooden watches are an excellent choice for groomsmen gifts. Their natural, grounded aesthetic perfectly suits the theme, and the unique grains ensure that no two watches are alike. Due to their durability, your groomsmen can wear them long after the wedding celebrations are over. The natural materials and lightweight design also make the watches versatile accessories for various occasions. Treehut also offers the option of engraved gifts to add a sentimental touch.

Since there are several wood types and designs to choose from, you can select a different watch for each groomsman. The bestselling Classic Ebony Walnut Theo, for example, is for those who appreciate an understated design, whereas the chronograph function of the Huxley Rustic Green Sandalwood will suit those who lead an active lifestyle.

Hip Flasks

hip flasks

It would not be a celebration without the right spirits in hand. For any of your groomsmen who are fond of liquor, a slick hip flask would be a fitting gift. You can choose a model decked in stainless steel, or wrapped in a rich leather sleeve. You can also have it engraved with the recipient’s name/initials or a personalized message. This gift embodies the spirit of camaraderie that defines rustic weddings, especially as everyone passes it around for a quick swig. It will also prove useful later on during camping trips, barbecues, picnics etc.

Wooden Wallets

wooden wallets for rustic groomsmen gifts


Wooden wallets also make for perfect rustic groomsmen gifts, considering their fine craftsmanship, and practical yet distinctive appeal. The Treehut wooden wallets have a sturdy aluminum money clip to keep cash and receipts separate and organized. Some wallets also include a separate coin chamber; a lever to make it easier to sift through your cards; or stretchable elastic webbing in the cardholder. In addition, the RFID-blocking wallets protect the cards from electronic scanning or theft. All these customized money clip wallets are ultra-lightweight and compact. Plus, they can fit in your pocket without looking bulky, as is the case with traditional wallets. 

Treehut also offers different collections in this particular category, catering to varying tastes and preferences. For instance, the Limitless Walnut Wood Wallet is a suitable option for those who prefer a simple and all-natural look. On the other hand, for those who value a sense of individuality, the Effortless Purple Heart Wood Wallet has a visually striking design that adds a pop of color. Similarly, the Infinity Red Wood Wallet makes a great statement piece with its hand-painted red resin.

Cigar Box Set

cigar box set

This is the sort of gift that separates the men from the boys. Cigars evoke a sense of nostalgia and refinement, especially in a quaint setting. Smoking cigars together also presents an opportunity to reflect or savor the moment (which may be fitting post-festivities).

They can also be engraved with the recipient’s initials or the wedding date to make the gift more significant.

Wooden Pins

wooden pins for rustic groomsmen gifts

Featuring animal motifs at a rustic wedding might be little on-the-nose, but we are all for it. Treehut's collection of 
wooden animal pins make for whimsical groomsmen gifts, which can be worn as a bold accessory with both formal and casual attire.

Pocket Knives

wooden pocket knife

A pocket knife may not be the first thing that comes to mind for a groomsman or best man gift, but it is probably the most useful option on the list. If your friends are particularly fond of outdoor activities like fishing and hunting, or even DIY projects, this is a great multi-tool that they can carry around with them. It can easily fit in most pockets, and you can get the handle or blade etched with the recipient’s name or initials for an extra touch.


wooden bracelets for rustic groomsmen gifts

Stacking is not just for women anymore — men’s bracelets have been making a major comeback recently, especially as a summer staple. They are more than just an accessory; they embody a sense of adventure, and have become synonymous with masculinity and strength.

While there are many ostentatious options in the market, Treehut’s bracelet collections for men have a more rugged-meets-refined vibe, serving as great options for groomsmen’s gifts at your rustic wedding. Chunky rope bracelets like the Manta Ray Paracode Double Layered Bracelet have a more bohemian look, while wooden bracelets like the Classic Red Sandalwood Bracelet can be worn casually or as a subtle accent to formal attire. To break the monotony of a monochrome look, stainless steel bracelets interlaced with wood are also available, like the Glacier Grey Maple Bracelet. You can also engrave a short message on a stainless steel plate on some of these options.

Beer Glasses

beer glasses

It is difficult to think of a rustic wedding (or any celebration, for that matter) without beer coming to mind. Swap out the typical whiskey glass set for handcrafted beer mugs, made of wood or ceramic. This is for the groomsmen who are always up for a cold one with the guys. You can add a custom message, the recipient’s name/initials, or even your wedding date so that each future toast reminds them of this momentous occasion.

Wooden Sunglasses

wooden sunglasses for rustic groomsmen gifts

Outdoor nuptials call for sunglasses, so what can be better than gifting a pair to your groomsmen? Treehut’s collection of wooden sunglasses will complement your rustic-themed wedding, and their distinctive style will also serve as conversation starters. 

There are many different designs to choose from; for instance, the rounded Heritage Zebrawood Carbon RX is classic fit for all occasions, while the flashy Top Gun 55 adds a touch of retro charm. Each collection’s lightweight and durable design ensures a comfortable fit for extended wear. Most of them also include practical features such as polarized lenses and 100% UV protection. Engraving options are also available, to add a personalized touch to the gift. The best part? Most of Treehut’s sunglasses are unisex, so your soon-to-be bride can also consider them for bridesmaid gifts.

BBQ Sets

bbq set

If your budget allows, you can splurge on the one item that every man has wished for at least once: a complete BBQ set. This will not only be practical considering this is the peak season for camping trips and backyard barbecues, but it will also pay homage to the slow-burn, all-day ritual of lighting the fire, grilling the meat, and hanging out with friends and family. BBQ sets usually include durable stainless steel tools with wooden handles (which can also be engraved).

Check out Treehut’s website, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more gifting ideas for your band of merry groomsmen.

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