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Blog > Why Are Zebrawood Wooden Watches So Special?

Why Are Zebrawood Wooden Watches So Special?

Zebrawood is special. The wood is native to the West African region and has a unique grain pattern that stays true to its name. It is a very durable material option for wooden option since it is resistant to rot and insect-driven diseases and has a very workable nature that helps craftsmen create exquisite wood products.

The primary color is a honey yellow adorned with dark brown stripes. The wood has fair-sized pores that give it a distinct character. 

At Treehut, we love designing watches with zebrawood. It adds character to the design as a standalone material or paired with other materials. 

Top 5 Treehut Zebrawood Wooden Watches

Although every Treehut watch we’ve created using the rare zebrawood is dear to our hearts, some pieces truly stand out. Here is our top 5 zebrawood watches for him and her: 

1. Mission Zebrawood Patina Bronze 

A watch with a rustic and robust outlook with a striking combination of zebrawood and patina bronze stainless steel. The octagonal case encloses a gorgeous dial with 30-minute chronograph counters at three and nine o’clock.

Zebrawood wooden watch for him

The watch is powered by the hybrid chronograph Seiko VK64 movement for extreme precision. This watch is perfect for the adventure-driven man. 

2. Theory Zebrawood White Marble 

A light everyday wear piece featuring a white marble stone pattern dial with a zebrawood case and strap reinforced by stainless steel. The unique design is a head turner with the white of the dial and the mixed grain of the zebrawood. 

The perfect zebrawood wooden watch for her

The reliable Japanese Miyota Quartz movement powers the watch, offering age-old precision. 

3. Classic Zebrawood Olive Ash 

Our love for the classic collection never ends because it fueled Treehut’s journey in the first place. This watch is powered by the reliable Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, the oldest and most reliable watch-powering movement.

Wooden watch for him with zebrawood and olive ash

The case and the strap are all zebrawood paired with an Olive Ash dial that completes an entire look. Conquer your next adventure with this ever-beautiful piece of nature on your wrist. 

4. Huxley Zebrawood Black 

The Huxley Zebrawood Black is a perfect combination of form and function with its chronograph function and a sturdy stainless steel case reinforced with a zebrawood bezel. The dial also features the rare zebrawood dial with three chronograph sub dials.

zebrawood and stainless steel wooden watch for him

The hands glow in the dark for easy reading in almost any light setting. The burly profile of the watch exudes masculinity and is perfect for an adventure-driven man. 

5. North Ebony Zebrawood

The ebony and zebrawood combination is always a hit, as the dark hues of the ebony wood bring out the rich zebrawood pattern and make it stand out. This watch features an ebony wood case with gunmetal stainless steel detailing enclosing the striking zebrawood dial.

wooden watch for him with zebrawood

The perfect ending detail is the classic chronograph details on the watch and the beautiful marriage of the two kinds of wood in the strap. 

These are just a few zebrawood watches we’ve created at Treehut with love. We design each watch and curate the best materials to create timepieces you would proudly wear on your wrist. Wooden watches are rare and wonder on their own. They’re a gift to the planet due to being eco-friendly and sustainable. Shop from our vast range of wooden watches. 


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