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Blog > Spinner Rings: Everyday Meditation and Stress Relief | Womens Accessories

Spinner Rings: Everyday Meditation and Stress Relief | Womens Accessories

Spinner rings are the peacemaker friends you didn’t know you needed. Once you’ve been introduced, you wonder, where have you been all my life? Don’t we all just sometimes need a simple reminder that everything will be alright?

Finally you find elegant jewelry that is not only an expression of your unique style, but also helps to calm your nerves while giving your hands something to do.

Functional elegance


Spinner rings--what are they exactly? Also called meditation rings or “worry rings”, they are simply made up of a ring band plus one or more smaller, free-moving rings stacked over the band. As you might guess, those rotating pieces are where all the fun comes in.

Basically, they are fidget spinners in beautiful disguise, and we’re all eternally thankful for it.

Even before the fidget spinner wave washed over us a couple years ago, the simple concept behind this calming device has been around for a while.

Many say it can be traced back to the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheel. The short of it? In ancient Tibetan meditation traditions, the simple motion of spinning a wheel to the right (or clockwise) gives the mind and body a calming sensation.

More than just stylish pieces, spinner rings have been popular with regular wearers because of personal benefits like anxiety reduction, lessening negative thoughts, and achieving a general sense of peace and serenity.

Don’t fight it, fidget (in a healthy way)


Most of us fidget when we get nervous or feel anxious. Turns out, this is perfectly normal! Only problem is, some of us don’t know what to do with our hands, so we awkwardly stuff them in pockets, fiddle with our hair, bite our nails or pick at our skin. Spinner rings offer the best alternative in the form of beautiful, feminine, sterling silver pieces.

Designed with fiddlers in mind, they’re a healthy, less obvious way to occupy the hands when you can’t quite keep still. They help us channel anxiety when other options might not be available (imagine waiting for a job interview or making a speech in front of a large crowd).

The first thing to do is decide what pleasant thing or person you would like to associate with the ring. Maybe you want fixate on a happy thought, memory or imagery (like the ebb and flow of a beach). It’s also helpful to associate the spinning ring with a meaningful mantra (“I’m not defined by my anxiety”, “I’m doing the best I know how”).

A ring for each true love or personal reminder


You might also choose to think of a certain person that inspires feelings of love, happiness and calm. This is the person whose initial you might have engraved on your ring. This could be your significant other, child, or multiple people (family, group of friends). Maybe you have up to three spinners stacked on your base ring: one for every important person

Try taking deep breaths as you spin the rings. Whatever or whoever you are choosing to associate with your ring, commit them to your imagination and be consistent. Combine focused thoughts with deep breaths and relax your muscles and body. Close your eyes and spin away until you reach a relaxed state.

The more you practice this association, the stronger that association will be. Eventually, you’ll reach a point when simply spinning the ring will bring you a more immediate sense of calm.

Thoughtful gifts you never thought of

Though our spinner rings do not claim to treat anxiety and are experienced differently by everyone, we love them as casual, playful sources of relief.

It feels good to know that something like playfully turning your spinners around the band will help us with positive associations with regular, focused practice. So why wouldn’t we want to share this small discovery with the other women in our lives?

The simple beauty and variety in our spinner rings already make thoughtful gifts for loved ones--finding joy in explaining the deeper meaning and function behind them can only be a major plus!





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