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Blog > 8 Reason to Gift a Treehut Wooden Watch! | Best Couples Marble Watches

8 Reason to Gift a Treehut Wooden Watch! | Best Couples Marble Watches

Ok, we hate to brag, but Treehut might be the best gift for that special someone this holiday season. Here are eight reasons to gift a personalized Treehut watch this Christmas. 

1. All of our wooden watches are engravable!

A watch is just a watch unless you make it into an unforgettable reminder that stays with you every day. Thats why when you gift a Treehut watch, you are not just gifting a watch, you're gifting a memory.

2. Umm hello!? We have four new designs.

Treehut recently launched four new designs for the holidays. People have described them as sleek, modern, perfectly lightweight, a refreshing twist on the wooden classic-just to name a few. Check them out here: New Collections.

3. A perfectly versatile gift for him or her.

Whether you are looking at that gift, he will wear every day or something different for her to add to her winter wardrobe, what better than a classic wooden watch.

4. They actually look amazing.

A wooden watch gets noticed. You will be amazed at all the people who will ask, "where did you get that?"

5. You won't need to look at your phone every two minutes.

We know, we are all a bit addicted to our mobile technology. But at Treehut we think a break could be useful. Take some time to disconnect and remember why you are in this world. To experience life, not just live-chat it.

6. Gift a memory, not just a watch.

Treehut stands for making memories with the people and places around you. Nothing says that quite like an engraved watch with a memory, inside joke or something only you and another person hold deep in your heart.

Check out some of the timeless reactions from last year. Videos 🎥👍🏼

7. Be original.

No, he probably doesn't want a tie or socks. And he can buy his own golf clubs. Buy him something that he would never expect.

8. Just because.

There are a million and a half reasons to gift people all sorts of things this holiday season. But at Treehut. We understand that it's not about the gift or the price tag, but the time we spend together. Christmas is just a great excuse to get together, take time off work and have a glass of wine at 12 p.m.



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