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Blog > Pokemon Inspired Engravings: Mewtwo Quotes

Pokemon Inspired Engravings: Mewtwo Quotes

Mewtwo Quotes : engraving inspiration

Mewtwo has had a difficult life. When he was just an growing embryo in his mew mother, his DNA was tampered with. Subsequently, after his birth, he was imprisoned by scientists, who conducted horrific gene-splitting experiments on him. According to scientific logs held within the Pokemon Mansion, these experiments made him stronger and capable of escaping. Overcoming his traumatic background made him physically stronger and perhaps wiser too, as you'll see if these 5 mewtwo quotes. 

1. "What you do with the gift of life determines who you are"

            mewtwo outside of tree hut hoax             where to find mewtwo hoax
Disclaimer: We wish we could catch a Mewtwo outside of the Treehut office. 

2. "So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?"

mewtwo quote so this is my power.. Nova Rustic Amber 

3. "I'll decide my own rules." 

mewtwo quote i'll decide my own rules

 Zebrawood + Ebony 31 Green 

4."Your Charizard is poorly trained"

5. "The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant"

mewtwo quote : the circumstance of one's life is irrelevant

African Wenge Wooden Watch 

Are the circumstances of one's birth truly irrelevant? Or are the circumstances of Mewtwo's life forever changed because of what happened to him at birth? Has his hard upbringing made him more wise? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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