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Leave the World Behind

Leave the World Behind

When we partnered up with Taylor Maag, we only knew we had two things in common: an affinity for dogs and travel.

Taylor is the curious sort who left the office world behind and has since April, lived in an RV with his girlfriend and five dogs.

And since April, has shared in his epic adventures up and down the west coast.

Check out his lifestyle, and don't tell us you're not jealous: Instagram: @tmaagphotography

Meet River, Rocky, Shadow, Luna, and Forest. Five puppies who are spending their days hiking and camping along some of the most magnificent coastlines in the world. 


Foggy morning patrol with five dogs and the serenity of nature is a luxury that is all too familiar to Taylor. Check out more here.


Forest, pictured above, is often used as a watch stand. He doesn't seem to mind.

Constant adventure has become his daily life. 

















For five dogs, a boy and his lady, the world outside the normal, has become home.


Since Taylor is always on the move, cell phones are not as reliable as his Black Arthur watch.


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