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Koa For The Rich For The Warrior

Koa For The Rich For The Warrior

It’s been hard keeping this secret, but finally, we can announce that we are featuring a new line of Hawaiian Koa Tree Hut watches!!! Whew. It was so hard to keep it a secret when we knew fans would go nuts over them.

The word “koa” means “warrior” in Hawaiian. In fact, the warriors of King Kamehameha the Great created canoes and weapons from the land’s wood resources which granted its name, Koa. For several years after, the wood was considered “kapu” or restricted to those of Hawaiian monarchs and the royal class. It was only after the great king’s death that all Hawaiians were able to possess koa wood.

Koa wood derives from Hawaii and most known for its deep rich colors and varied grain pattern. It has been used in all aspects of early Hawaiian’s life from bowls for food to musical instruments known as the “ukulele.” Also, the first surfboards were made of Koa as well.

Koa Wood

Koa trees have a life cycle of about 50-80 years caused by rot and decay, a natural and reoccurring trend. They also grow amidst the trees that have naturally died or fallen. Big Island landowners prohibit cutting down on any live koa trees. Although, they do permit dead koa trees to be removed for use to create furniture and now a Tree Hut watch. Be sure to check by clicking HEREBe sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to always keep up to date with the newest styles and the best engraving inspirations.

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