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Blog > How to Use Your North Wooden Chronograph Watch

How to Use Your North Wooden Chronograph Watch


So you’ve just received your new North chronograph watch.

What is a chronograph exactly? It’s really just a fancy way to say “stopwatch”. First added to watches in the early 20th century by race car drivers and pilots who wanted to time themselves and each other, they were even later worn by astronauts during the golden age of space exploration!

Desired for its looks, the chronograph watch uniquely combines a stopwatch with your regular display watch. The dial of our North chronograph keeps the classic analog format you know and love, which runs independent of the three multi-function sub-dials.

If this is not your first chronograph watch, you might notice that our sub-dials are arranged just slightly different than what you’re used to. The fun with our North dial is that it’s all easier than it looks at first glance. We promise!

The top button from the side functions as the start/stop button, and the bottom button resets the stopwatch back to zero. As on a regular watch, the center button winds to adjust your standard watch display to the correct time and activates when you press down. 

From left to right, three sub-dials keep track of the stopwatch’s minutes (left sub-dial), seconds (center sub-dial), and hours on a 24-hour basis (right sub-dial). A handy date indicator is also included between the center and right sub-dial.     

When you hit the top side button to start the stopwatch, you will notice the second hand of the center sub-dial begin to move. With every full revolution that it makes, you will notice the minute hand in the left sub-dial slowly move clockwise. By extension, with every full revolution that the minute hand in the left sub-dial makes, you will notice the hour hand in the right sub-dial move. 


In summary

Left sub-dial: stopwatch minute hand

Center sub-dial: stopwatch second hand

Right sub-dial: 24-hour hand (indicates time on a 24-hour basis)

          If you love the North's clean, uncluttered wooden dial as much as we do, spread the love. Browse the rest of the collection here!  


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