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Happy Wife Happy Life

Christmas is just around the corner. DON’T FREAK OUT. It’s understandable that the pressure is on especially when you want that perfect gift for the woman in your life. Luckily for you, we put together a few ideas based on the type she is. Whether she’s a fashionista or the adventurous type we thought of a few essentials she’ll need.


The Fashionista

Compliments go a long way, but a new winter outfit makes a statement, a fashion statement. Go with a beige overcoat with hints of a light pink glove which never goes out of style. She’s going to need a new makeup palette because the old one is way past its expiration date.  Add accessories to make the outfit pop like the Wooden Watch Nova (here) which goes with any winter attire. The minimalist watch made of bamboo with a brown genuine leather band perfect with gold or pink bracelets.

The Career Woman

The hustler in her means she’s making big strides and always on the go. That extra caffeine during the day is her link to survival. In the mess of all things, she needs to stay organized. Buy her the wooden watch African wenge (here) for the career woman’s need for proper time management. The subtle look with its dark dial demands respect without the distraction. Don’t forget she is always on the go in between her free period schedule in a well-deserved spa.


The Artist


Feed that creative soul with the tools to create. Whether she would enjoy taking photos of the Golden Gate bridge or building a replica using a 3D printing pen the creative flow has no sense of time. Give her the All Wood Watch Zebrawood Olive Ash (here) to help manifest the inspiration. Add a poetic quote on the back from the one who inspires her the most.


The Adventurous One

    So she has the travel bug, and there’s no cure. Why would she take the antidote anyways? There are so many places to see and cultures to delve into. Can’t figure out where to go? Then a travel book will help her narrow down the search. No matter what you want, her to always stay safe no matter where she goes. She’s going to need the travel essentials like a swiss army knife or passport holder or filtered water bottle. A watch is a necessity because her phone will be too flashy and unreliable. We happily suggest the Wooden Watch Rouge (here), a rosewood wooden watch with high-quality Japan quartz movement. Expect reliability and durability.


    Never forget that at the end of the day she just wants to know how much you care. Show her with a meaningful engraving on her new favorite watch so she will never forget. All watches are reliable and long lasting. Pick from our selections of watches (here). Happy hunting. Share with us your stories; we'd love hearing from you. Visit us on our Instagram, Facebook, and website for more watch designs.

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