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There is an overabundance of wonderful food here, it has been my mission to try as much as possible. However, a good percentage of the trip was spent suffering from stomach problems. This is common, apparently 30% of travelers to Peru experience some level of digestive distress! Luckily there is Sopa de Quinoa (quinoa soup).  


Grocery Shopping  

Shops                                                  (Grocery Shopping)

Once I adjusted, of course, I had to try Cuy(guinea pig) which is tasty but is more difficult to eat than a favorite street food Anticucho(fried/grilled meat bits including heart and tripe)!


Cuy                                                              (Cuy)

Peruvian chicken joints are lively places and if you are a fan of french fries, you will not be disappointed by the variety of papas!


Chicken Shop



Peru is well known for it handwoven alpaca wool textiles.

Treehut Alpaca

The classic designs and natural dyes of vintage blankets and ponchos are growing in popularity and local vendors will often sell musty and tattered pieces of two or three times the prices of something new and machine woven. When I asked for uses a stack of blankets as a backdrop for a few watches, Ronaldo in Cusco’s San Francisco market was interested in our wares and we worked out a trade!

Treehut Peru Textiles

Many women use the blankets for carrying babies and other precious cargo with just a few folds and a knot across the chest! I took mine to the Sacsayhuaman ruins for a picnic!

Sacsayhuaman Ruins


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