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8 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress | Watches Made from Natural Wood

8 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress | Watches Made from Natural Wood

Have grand plans for yourself but life keeps getting in the way? You can and will get there. You must believe it is within the realm of possibility. These ten simple habits will create a healthy baseline for you to build onto. Start on the path of least resistance and work your way up from there. You’ve got this:



  • 1.          Watch Your Words

    Monitor your word choices. No more should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. The way you speak about yourself and others has a direct impact on your overall self-image. You are what you think. Test this out for a few days and watch how your perspective changes. If you forget for a moment, no sweat, just move forward.



  • 2.          Reach Out
  • Someone somewhere thinks and cares about your well-being. Reach out to your friends and family for one-on-one support. You might already have a certain special friend in mind. Set up plans to meet for coffee or a meal once a week. Do whatever it takes to create a sense of normalcy and routine. 



  • 3.          Drink Enough Water
  • If you’re not already drinking enough water every day, that shortage could be the culprit of your headaches. How much water should you be drinking? About half your body weight in ounces. The right amount of water will promote circulation in the body, keep your organs hydrated, and help your body wash out toxins.

    Tip: Invest in a pretty water bottle to carry with you for easy drinking and refill. You’ll find yourself reaching for water a lot more and ditching the soda.



    4.          Get Your Beauty Rest

    It’s like they’ve always told you: get at least 6 to 8 hours of beauty rest every night. Life throws curveballs and this might not always be possible, but what a good night’s rest can do for the body over time is not to be underestimated. Did you know, for instance, that during sleep, our body detoxifies itself? If you’re skipping sleep, you’re missing out.



  • 5.          Unplug
  • Make a real effort to unplug from your devices when you don’t have to be on. When you feel the urge to reach for your phone, train your hand to reach for something else instead. Pack a small book with you or a small stress ball to feel something real. You’re not missing out on anything. Do this enough times and you’ll soften your social media reflex.  



  • 6.          Eat Fresh Foods
  • If you’re lucky enough to live by a farmer’s market, take advantage of the wealth of natural foods around you. When you increase your fruit and veggie intake, prioritizing them over foods of the salty, fatty, and sweet variety, you’ll feel fuller sooner, and will be less likely to overeat.



  • 7.          Move Your Body
  • If you’re not the gym-going type, don’t underestimate all the other options available to get your blood pumping. It’s better to find something you enjoy doing than to not move at all. Join a dance class you’ve been meaning to try and meet new friends. Jump-roping at high-intensity for five minutes a day has been shown to be an effective cardio workout for those on a time crunch. When all is lost, put on your favorite jams and throw yourself an intense 10-minute dance party.

  • 8.          Make Art
  • To be human is to constantly be troubled by weird feelings we can’t place. Channel this into your art for at least half an hour every day: painting, drawing, writing, playing music. If you’re already doing this, great! Now add another half hour block--whatever fits reasonably into your normal daily schedule.



  • **Bonus**:
  • Put it to Paper

    Write in a journal. Whether it’s a single sentence or two pages, writing your thoughts down for the day can have a self-affirming effect and help anchor you. Buy a travel sized diary to keep handy or keep a traditional one by your bedside for pre-sleep reflection. If you tend to have trouble getting to sleep from overthinking, this practice will help ease the burden.



    Use Natural Products


    Many products we use are laden with mysterious chemicals that might be causing more harm than good. A good goal might be to use as few products as possible while keeping those products as natural as possible, too. If your budget allows, look into the world of essential oils for natural solutions.



    At the end of the day, we can all agree that personal health--both physical and mental--is king. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to achieve all those great things we’ve set our minds to, or do them as well as we might otherwise.

    We want to know: how do you relieve stress? Leave a comment and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube!

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