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12 Indoor Plants for the Office

12 Indoor Plants for the Office

12 indoor plants great for work

Plants are a natural stress reliever. Placed alongside a road, plants have been found to reduce driver stressed according to the study-  The view from the road: Implications for stress recovery and immunization. (Parsons et al., 1998). 

plants relieve driver stress

Indoor plants have a positive impact on health as well. Plants in a hospital have been linked to faster recovery time, less time spent in the hospital, fewer post-op surgeries, and astonishingly, a higher pain tolerance. Plants don't just make us feel good, they make us feel better. (Ulrich, 1984).     

What can plants do for an office environment?

Are you working in an energy-efficient building? Is so, did you know that trace amounts of pollutants are released into the air as a bi-product? According to NASA, plants are "one of the most promising means of alleviating the sick building syndrome associated with many new, energy efficient buildings.

Another study found that indoor plants set in an office have been shown to improve office air quality, increase productivity and facilitate relationships between workers. (Randall et al., 1992Larsen et al., 1998).

What plants work best in the office? 

The above studies do not focus on specific species of plants, but rather look generically at plants and their effects. Since we can't pinpoint which plants have the best effect, I prepared a list of 12 pretty, low-maintenance plants, which are perfect for the office.  

1. Gerber Daisy

gerber daisy

Gerber Daisy, aka Gerbara, filters toxins like benzene, a substance emitted by some printing systems


2. Azalea

Indoor Plants for the Office

These colorful flowers filter formaldehyde from the air. This plant is great in chilly office environments. 


3.Peace Lily  

peace lily - best indoor plants for office

Not only does the Peace Lily filter air, but it is also tolerant of low light settings and is an energetic grower. Plus taking care of this plant is easy - overwatering is a typical mistake, so leaving these water free over the weekend is actually instructed! 


4. Water Lettuce

Indoor Plants for the Office

Since this plants needs absolutely no soil, this acquatic plants looks great floating in a jar or bowl of water. 


5. Terrariums

Indoor Plants for the Office

You can grow more than moss in a terrarium- succulents work well too. For the terrarium, choose any container-from mason jars to fish bowls. 


6. Succulents and Cacti

succulents and cacti make great office plants

Succulents make great beginner plants. You only need to water them once a week and leave them in sunlight. 


7. Jade 

jade - best plants for the office

Jade is a beautifully green succulent that's hard to kill. It can survive in less light than other succulents due to its deep green color. If a leaf breaks off you can pass it to a coworker, who can replant the leaf in fresh soil and watch a new plant emerge. 

8. Air Plants

air plants great plants for office

Some of the trendiest plants to date, air plants don't need any soil! Just simply display them in jars with rocks, hang them in a glass globe, or mount them to wall art. They need to be watered, but they can survive stints of drought.  


9. African Violet 

best indoor plants for the office - african violet

Bright and visually pleasing, African Violets require more work than the other plants. They need plenty of light and water, but hopefully you'll find the extra work worth the plant's impact on your health. 


10. Bonsai Tree 

bonsai tree best plants for office

Indoor Bonsai Trees are small and fit nicely in a tight office environment. Though these plants cost significantly more than the others, they can live to be 800 years old! 

11. Aloe 

best indoor plant for office - aloe

Another air filtering plants, Aloe is able to remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Plus they're small enough to fit on a cramped desk. 

12. Snake Plant 

best indoor plants for the office - snake

These plants grow fairly tall and can create a natural patrician when you line a few up. 

With plants like these surrounding you, you sure to have a brighter, calmer, yet more productive day.

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