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Why do we Travel? By

Have you ever thought about why we travel? Most of us know the joy of ascending into the sky to go somewhere we have never been. That feeling of watching your home shrink in the distance perceiving the unknown ahead.

Some of us hurry into large cities to take part in the streams of people in the streets, that energy, vibrancy, makes you feel as if you could conquer the world, or at least, dinner and drinks.

Others seek the world away from the tablets, phones, and screens of modern day life. Hoping to find a few moments of bliss in a vista that seems like it was made just for them.

Whatever the reason you travel one thing remains certain–it is an essential part of the human experience. That itch in your foot is telling you something, go, experience, quick feet deepen the soul.

When's photographer and fellow traveler Derron, planned a trip to Peru we made sure he has plenty of engraved watches to give out and plenty of batteries to keep the camera rolling. (Blog coming soon). 

-Our own Derron Yuhara👉

Like any good traveler, we have no idea where he is. He has become a faint blip on our radar. Only to be heard from when small blasts of texts and photos erupt on our phone screens.

But you do not need to leave the country to experience an adventure. Ambassador and videographer Jonathan H. spent two weeks traveling up and down the California coast. A trip that produced an amazing video showing his vantage point of life. (see above)



-Checkout Jonathan.H's page. 


Jonathan is a native of the California coast which he beautifully captured in moments using his camera lens. It is the moment we are looking to create when we travel, those memories that don't fade with time. And just like the memories Jonathan captured, watches are made for you to hold on to moments, to make them last.

Remember, whatever the reason you travel, wine begs to share, and borders are just dark curtains asking you to draw them back and expose the beauty you never knew was there.


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