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Blog > People of Treehut: Brandon’s Miracle- A Letter | Personalize Your Wooden Watch With Engraving

People of Treehut: Brandon’s Miracle- A Letter | Personalize Your Wooden Watch With Engraving


A Letter From Brandon Adolph.

A Treehut customer, husband, and father.

“My engraving is from my fiancé and now five-month-old daughter. It reads, "We Love You Forever, Love Carrie and Elena". I received my beautiful watch for Christmas 2018. The best thing about the present is Elena is my first child. At 36, I was told by doctors in my mid 20's and again in my early 30's that I was not able to have children. Carrie and I have been together for eight years. I accepted the fact that children weren't in my future and I wasn't going to take that joy away from her.


We were on the verge of an amicable break-up when she called on a chilly Michigan December morning while at work, to say she was sick and nauseous. I said it was White Castle's fault and we laughed. She agreed it must have been the food.


Later that night, we discussed our future. I was ready to hear her say let's go our separate ways (great Journey song) when she said everything makes me sick and even smells make me vomit. Me being a dunce, I say the news did mention there is a bug going around so let's go to the hospital.


She said no I don't feel like waiting in the ER plus I told my coworkers and they said girl you're pregnant. I said I can't be, Brandon can't have children. Curiosity got the best of her after hearing it from 15 people. She bought a test and low and behold Elena was a reality. Of course, our daughter didn't have a name at that time. Carrie showed me the positive test and my reaction was and I quote "stop  lying to me, this isn't funny." After my initial shock passed, I knew we were meant to be. It was only God that made this happen and I am truly thankful.


But it is so true to expect the unexpected. Our daughter has made us closer and she is a blessing. Elena Amor was born on August 7, 2018, healthy and hungry, haha...that's an inside joke. But, I thank you, Tree Hut for a gift that will forever be cherished. It is the special moments in life that we appreciate and builds our character. My watch is an extension of the greatest moment in my life, the birth of my child.”


Thank you again!



Brandon, the Happiest father EVER…


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