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Blog > Interview With Treehut's Designer | High-Quality Wooden Watches

Interview With Treehut's Designer | High-Quality Wooden Watches


 Interview With Our Designer


We sat down to chat with our watch designer about timepieces, style, and his favorite projects yet.
Q: How did you get introduced to life in watch design?

A: Several years ago I was working as a product development coordinator in watches and I had an opportunity to design my own watch. After a successful launch, my career in watch design kicked off.
Q: What would you recommend to someone picking out their watch for the first time?

A: A watch can say a lot about you, your style, and your persona. If you are picking out your first watch, I would recommend a "daily user". This is a watch that fits your everyday style.
Q: What's your favorite material to work with and why?

A: My favorite material to work with is stainless steel. The properties of stainless steel enable us designers to shape our ideas into physical form.
Q: Where do you find inspiration?
A: I believe you can find inspiration in everything that surrounds you. I find inspiration all the time, in color, texture, materials, and shapes.
Q: What do you value most in a design?
A: What I value most about design is the unimaginable space to create. Being able to take your ideas and bring them to life in physical form, is incalculable.
Q: Do you believe that you have to compromise style over functionality?
A: No, I do not believe that you have to compromise style over functionality. However, you should never compromise functionality.
Q: What's the design you're most proud of?
A: The watch design I am most proud of is our Dubline Chrono Collection. This watch collection embodies the Treehut ethos. Creating a bold and uncompromised style with function.
Q: What makes Treehut unique?
A:  I think what makes Treehut unique is the continuity to innovate. We continue to challenge ourselves to create products that stand out to take on the adventures of your daily life. 
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