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Blog > 10 No-Fail Treehut Watch Engravings | Treehut

10 No-Fail Treehut Watch Engravings | Treehut

Engraved Treehut Wooden Watches

The Secret to Finding The Perfect Words

10 Watch Engravings That Says It All


She’s your best friend—your rock, your kindred spirit, and your shoulder to cry on. You’ve been through so many ups and downs together. You know you’ll always have each other. She’s your person. But when it comes to telling her that through an engraved women's watch, sometimes it seems there aren’t enough words. No matter how hard you try, nothing expresses all she means to you.


Stuck on What to Say?


Most people don’t know this though: it’s not about how many words you write. It’s about the quality of those words. You can pack every belly-laugh, every inside joke, every meaningful moment into one simple sentence—you just have to pick the right one. When they’re etched forever on the perfect gift, just a few words can say a thousand things. So if you’ve ever been looking for the right words for your bestie, and everything just seemed to fall flat—remember, don’t just say it. Engrave it.

We’ve put together a no-fail list of the best engravings, so you’re never short on words again. Here are 10 fabulous ideas to get those creative juices flowing:


10 No-Fail Engravings For Your Treehut Watch That Say It All


  1. BFF because you already know too much
  2. You’re my favorite in the history of time, ever
  3. That’s a horrible idea. What time?
  4. Sister from another mister
  5. You are my favorite notification
  6. Got your back no matter what
  7. Best friends, rain or shine
  8. Till we’re old & senile. Then we’ll be new friends!
  9. Friends don’t let friends do stupid things...alone
  10. We’re gonna be really cool old ladies someday


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your best friend, now’s the time!



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