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Why You Should Choose Bamboo

Bamboo is one of those materials you hear a lot about because bamboo contains multitudes. For centuries, even millennia, it has been used in medicine, housing, food, and art. Bamboo's allure is rooted in its ability to support an incredible amount of weight, grows several feet in one day, and requires little cultivation. It is, in fact, one of the most resilient plants on this earth. 

For that reason, uses bamboo in many of our products. Besides the obvious factors for choosing a Bamboo watch from like sustainability and chic addition to your wardrobe, we went ahead and made a top eight reasons to make your next watch a Bamboo watch.

1. Best Gift Idea- watches are personalizable and now customizable. Show someone how much you care, with a personalized watch

 2. Engrave your message- You can engrave every watch with a message only you can deliver. 

3. Beauty- Bamboo is beautiful. combines minimalist fashion with breathtaking style.

4. Hypoallergenic- all wood bamboo watch contains no additives or junk that can irritate the skin. -Check out our Blue Boyd here. 

5. Environmentally Beneficial- We all need to do a little more of this nowadays. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material, and is doing its best to use it. staff picture on a recent trip to Purto Rico. "Durning the rainy season, this bamboo can grow multiple feet in one day."

6. The bamboo we use is 100% organic.

7. Bamboo looks great on men and women- For years watches have been made for men on one side and women the other. Our bamboo watches look great on any wrist.

8. Affordability- Because of the sustainable nature of bamboo, you can look good without the cringe-worthy feeling that accompanies the Monday morning check of your bank account.

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