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Top 10 Reasons Moms Matter | Best Watches For Mom

Top 10 Reasons Moms Matter | Best Watches For Mom

Best-Selling Womens Watches For Moms


“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”
- Agatha Christie

Mothers play a pivotal role in our lives—perhaps the most important one. They’re our first experience with another human, our assurance that the world is good, and our gatekeeper into this thing called life. They lay the groundwork for what we believe about others, even into our adult years. In fact, tons of research has shown that if we don’t begin life with a loving caregiver, it can actually rewire our brains to be more anxious, angry, or fearful. So what’s all that mean? Moms matter. A lot.

The Quiet Warriors

We know not everyone is lucky enough to grow up with a kind and nurturing mom, but for those of us that did—we should remember to be grateful. After all, being a mom is hard work, and moms do it all without asking for a thing in return. She sacrificed her time, her energy, even her body to bring you into the world, and to make sure you were happy and provided for as you grew up. So many moms are behind-the-scenes warriors—staying up late to make sure their kids’ laundry was done, their lunch was made, their house was clean—all while we slept peacefully in our beds.

So in light of Mother’s Day and the enormous debt of gratitude we owe our moms, we put together a list of the 10 biggest reasons moms matter (We had to stop at 10 because otherwise this list might fill a book.) After you read them, make sure to give your mom a call and thank her for allllll the ways she took care of you—even the things she never told you about.


Why Are Moms So Important?


1. You Owe Her Your Life

Not to sound dramatic, but it’s true. She’s the reason you’re breathing. You had an apartment next to her bladder for nine months (give or take), and she literally shared her body with you until you could sustain life on your own. That’s a pretty big feat. Not only that, but the fact that you’re reading this means she either risked her life in childbirth or underwent major surgery to bring you into the world. And make no mistake, for most women, it’s straight from childbirth or C-section into day-and-night baby care taking, with no recovery in between. Difficult? Yes. Did Mom do it? She sure did. 


2. Moms Are a Family’s Emotional Backbone

Conventionally, there’s always been a lot of emphasis on how strong men, while women have been portrayed as “damsels in distress”. But is that a fair depiction?Well, we’re not here to knock men (because they’re great, too!), but we do want to set the record straight. While men might have more physical strength on the whole, women are the ones with emotional strength. They carry the feelings of their family. They build us up, support us, and cry with us when we’re hurt. The weight of their family’s emotions rests on them, and they bear it all with poise, grace, and understanding.


3. Boo-boo Kissers, Magic Healers

Moms feel the feelings of their kids—when they’re hurt, they do their best to heal them. When they’re sad, they’ll encourage them (or just plain make them laugh.) Moms have a magic touch that gives us comfort like nothing else. Science even backs this up—according to a Stanford study, children’s brains actually “light up” at the sound of their mother’s voice. And only their mother’s voice. There is a definite truth to that “no one compares to Mom” phenomenon that so many children have.

4. Moms Sacrifice In Ways You’ll Never Know

Whether Mom had an entire village helping raise you or she was a single mother trying to make ends meet, she’s made more sacrifices for you than she’ll ever be able to express. From missing sleep to help you with homework, to missing work because you were at home sick, she’s always been there in the background trying to make sure you’re taken care of. And if she was a single mom, that goes double. All the financial decisions, parenting decisions, discipline, stress, and uncertainty fell on her shoulders… yet she still remained strong. Mom’s always done her best to give you everything you need, whether you’ve seen her do it or not.

5. She’s Always Ready to Forgive

It’s true, things aren’t always rose-colored between children and their parents. Sometimes there are disagreements, and sometimes we let each other down. But moms love their children, and almost always, they’re quick to forgive. Which means it’s only right that we do the same. Were there some things that she could’ve done differently? Probably. We all make mistakes. But at the end of the day, no one loves you like she does. So make sure you keep a short list of “wrongs”... and a long list of “rights”.

6. She’s In Your Corner

Perhaps more than anyone else, moms really, really wants the best for us. And often they’ll believe in our dream when no one else will. If you want to climb the highest mountain, go to the best college, or change the world in a big way… usually she’s the one waving pom-poms right behind you. Of course, sometimes she’s also the one telling us the reasons we should be cautious.

But we’ll let you in on a secret… (that’s not such a bad thing either.) Mom’s the one that’s been-there-done-that, and if she wants to give you advice, it’s just because she’s trying to look out for you. So try to be grateful even for Mom’s caution, because all it really means is she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you.

7. She Kept You Out of Trouble

Mom had rules. And as a teenager... ughhhhh, they were frustrating. Bedtime. Curfew. Do your homework. Eat your greens. When you were growing up, it was royally frustrating. But look at you! Because Mom made you do things that were good for you, you learned the value of taking care of yourself. And now you can travel into adulthood with the tools you need to be, well… a good adult. Mom taught you how to function in the world, and there isn’t much that’s more important than that. (Because let’s face it, you’ll always need to eat your greens, do your work on time, and clean your dishes. That’s life.

8. Mom Sees Everything

Moms are fully invested in the lives of their kids. They’re always watching, always listening, and always remembering. Yes, at first glance that sounds a little unnerving, but it’s actually great. They’re always watching because they don’t want you to feel ignored. They’re always listening, so you can always have someone to talk to. They remember things about your life because it’s as important to them as their own—which means you will always have someone to reminisce with when you want to take a walk down memory lane.

9. Mom’s Love Physically Changed Your Brain

Study after study in emotional disorders reveals that when babies don’t get proper love and nurturing from their caregiver (and especially their mom)... it can affect the way their brain grows. A mother’s love physically affects a child’s hippocampus and amygdala—so much so that in brain scans, children with nurturing mothers were found to have a 10% larger hippocampus than those without. That’s crazy. That can mean a lifelong difference in how they process emotions and regulate their feelings. So if you had a nurturing mother, thank her. Her love helped you in more ways than one.


10. A Relationship Like Nothing Else

She helped you walk and talk, changed your diapers, kept you fed, and did it all long before you could ever form a word to thank her. She’s been with you through every up and down in your life, and she loves you unconditionally.  And all she really wants... is to know you love her right back. Your relationship with your mom is special, but so is her relationship with you. She values your time and notice. Make sure her value for you is mirrored right back to her. She deserves it.


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She’s Worth It


Every single person on the planet has a mom that brought them here… but even so, each mother-child relationship is unique and special. Physically, psychologically, emotionally—moms shape our lives in nearly every way. And for the person who gave us love, laughter, and sacrifice, there’s no greater gift than a simple, sincere “thank you.” So really, why are moms so special? It’s impossible to list every reason. From the first moment we’re alive, Mom is nurturing, protecting, and caring for us… And from then on, she never truly stops.

So Mother’s Day or not, make sure to give Mom a big hug… and thank her for all the amazing ways she’s contributed (sometimes quite literally) to your life. Because as amazing as she is, Mom deserves all your thanks and more.

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