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The Perfect Engravings For Your Bestie | Customized Engraved Watches

The Perfect Engravings For Your Bestie | Customized Engraved Watches

Engravings for Bestfriend


10 No-Fail Engraving Ideas for Your Bestie


Okay, be honest—giving the perfect gift can come with a lot pressure, right? Of course, if you’ve found your bestie a watch from Treehut, you’re already way ahead of the gift-giving curve… but what about that engraving? Doesn’t it seem like some people just know the right words to say no matter what? But what if when it comes to your engraving… the right words just don’t seem to come. Well, don’t fear! We’ve got 10 ideas to make sure your words never fall short!


Gift Guide For Best Friends


10 Engravings Your Bestie Will Love


  1. BFF because you already know too much
  2. You’re my favorite in the history of time, ever
  3. That’s a horrible idea. What time?
  4. Sister from another mister
  5. You are my favorite notification
  6. Got your back no matter what
  7. Best friends, rain or shine
  8. Till we’re old & senile. Then we’ll be new friends!
  9. Friends don’t let friends do stupid things...alone
  10. We’re gonna be really cool old ladies someday



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