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North, Theory, Horizon, Element: Behind the Scenes of 4 New Collections | Wood and Marble Watches

North, Theory, Horizon, Element: Behind the Scenes of 4 New Collections | Wood and Marble Watches

In the beginning, we were inspired to hit upon something truly unique.  We went for the unexpected and created quality watches made totally out of wood. Having fallen in love with the process, we were excited to return to the creative headspace that goes into designing something out of the box.  So we went back to the drawing board (literally) to find the next generation of Treehut watches.  Taking inspiration from the natural elements that drive us, the latest in fashion, and, of course, the input from our customers, we’ve designed some brand new collections we hope you’ll love.  After hours and hours of testing materials, shapes, sizes, and countless other features, we are excited to have some brand new things to show you.

We know that a person who wears a wood watch has the boldness to do things a little different.  Their way. We did the same. Letting the natural materials take the reins, we designed these to highlight the natural wood and marble textures, best

Our answer arrives in four new collections: North, Theory, Horizon, Element. Two new styles for men and two for women, for the first time ever.

In designing these collections, we trekked new ground while staying true to our roots. Many favorite time-tested materials and signature details return in true Treehut tradition.

Wood-wise, we kept our crowd-favorite wood varieties like chocolate walnut, ebony, bamboo, and zebra wood.

Marble plays a starring role, appearing in three out of four collections. We’ve got it in white, blue, and black, and now for the first time, pink. Each cut unique to its kind.

Stainless steel plays in for strength and durability, reinforcing wooden bands in sleek interlinking fashion and accenting dials. The final effect every time is a timepiece that’s remarkably lightweight and compact for easy everyday wear.

We knew we wanted to reach for great heights while paying homage to our rugged Northern California landscape.  What results is the North collection: our wooden take on the chronograph in all its multi-function glory. Something all at once classic, modern, sporty and full of story.  


Meanwhile, marble set against light stainless steel details in our men’s Horizon collection meets the need for something more cosmic, like viewing the earth from space.


Many of you have long asked about a women’s watch collection. While it’s true that our Classic collection of wood watches features a number of smaller dials (1.3 inches across) for smaller wrists, our offerings were limited. Now, with the arrival of our Theory and Element collections, we finally have two fully formed collections, designed for women by women.  With confident, stylish, and inspired women in mind, these styles take the form of bold marble centerpieces balanced by feminine bands or slim marble profiles set in seamless looks. There’s a timepiece for every taste.

To play up different looks and color combinations, we are now offering interchangeable bands in wood, leather, and stainless steel mesh (Element collection).


And of course, true to Treehut, every backplate remains engravable and every second hand customizable by color.

We can’t wait to see what you think so, please, do share your comments with us at Community@treehut.co

          To follow our virtual mood boards and stay up to date on our latest events, come find us in our usual corners of the Internet and say hello. Here we are on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Youtube!

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