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How To Use An Automatic Wooden Watch

How To Use An Automatic Wooden Watch

We Can Explain.


We get it, automatic watches are very misleading, especially for first-time users. Most people think that an automatic watch will always wind and adjust on its own, that’s why they are called ‘automatic’...right? Wrong. Although an automatic watch is called what it’s called, an automatic watch still needs to be winded and adjusted. So to simplify your problems and your questions, ‘Yes, you do need to wind your automatic watch.


Let’s break it down for you.


An automatic watch functions through accumulated energy from your wrist and natural movement throughout the day. So what happens if you take it off? If you take off your watch for more than 48 hours the watch will essentially die from lack of movement and energy. Once it consumes all its power reserve from lack of wearing the watch, you will have no other choice than to wind it manually by turning the crown. You cannot guarantee that you will always wear your watch, but automatic watches need your movement to work so leaving your automatic watch unused actually harms it. 


How To Wind Your Watch By Wearing It
  1. Put on your watch carefully
  2. Gently move your wrists until you see the watch’s hands moving
  3. Make the necessary date and time adjustments, if needed

If you haven't worn your watch in more than 48 hours and your watch has died, you must adjust the watch by turning the crown.


How To Wind Your Watch With Crown
  1. Manual Winding: Position the crown to position 0 (meaning the crown is pushed in all the way. See image below) and then rotate it clockwise. Turn it approximately 30-40 times or until the second-hand starts moving in order to fully wind the watch.
  2. Date Adjustment: Pull the crown to position 1 (the crown is pushed out mid-way. See image below) and then rotate it counterclockwise until the desired date is achieved.
  3. Time Adjustment: Pull the crown to position 2 (the crown is pushed out all the way. See image below) and then rotate it counterclockwise or clockwise until your desired time is achieved.


Take note: Overwinding your watch can damage it and always push the crown back in all the way to position 0.


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