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Blog > #CharlieStrong | Breast Cancer Awareness

#CharlieStrong | Breast Cancer Awareness

Charlie’s Journey With Treehut 

Customer, Fighter, and Friend


It was a late-night after a long day of watchmaking. When Julia, Treehut’s CEO, was browsing through a mommies Facebook page. She came across beautiful photographs of a couple in a green field. The woman in the photos was wearing a show-stopping pink gown and her husband was wearing heart eyes pointed directly at her. To Julia’s surprise, he was also wearing a wooden watch from Treehut.


At first glance, Julia thought the watch was a replica of her own design. After scrolling through the images she confirmed it was her very own. Julia kept scrolling through the eye-catching photography. She noticed something much more compelling than her watch design feature. She noticed a story behind the images.


The woman in the photos is Charlie Johnson, and the man is her husband Kelsey Johnson. They were doing something so brave and so moving. They were shaving Charlie’s hair due to her chemotherapy from breast cancer.



Julia and COO Joh were completely moved by everything. The moving images, the feature of a Treehut watch, and above all, Charlie’s bravery. They felt the need to reach out to Charlie, to hear her story and offer their support in any way they could.


“Treehut is one of them. You know, one of the companies that are actually trying to do what is right. Not what is right for them, or for anyone in particular. Just what is right.”



Reaching out to Charlie and her husband Kelsey was simple. They were both on board with working with Treehut without hesitation. They’d been loyal customers for some time now. Kelsey’s watch was actually a dating anniversary gift from Charlie. With an engraving that reads “Hey… I love you”. A text message that she would send to him throughout the day. After chatting with Charlie and Kelsey, Julia and Joh wanted to help spread the word of breast cancer awareness and encourage people to go get checked. By using their popular Treehut social media outlets and their extensive email list.



On October 4, 2019, after 12 weeks of chemotherapy. Charlie rang the “Survivors Bell” at the Michael W Temple Webber Cancer Center. Through the compelling photographs. Charlie got to share her story and move the hearts of so many, and encourage women to go get checked.


“I believe every woman needs the empowerment, support, and courage to take control of their disease and fight.”



For more information on breast cancer and how you can help. Please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 


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