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Blog > Characteristics of a Person that Loves Wooden Watches

Characteristics of a Person that Loves Wooden Watches




Yes, although all timepieces tell the same time as any other, what does our choice of watch say about us? If you’re on the fence about getting yourself or a loved one a wooden watch, read up and decide if you identify with any of these reasons.


1.You care about the environment
At Treehut, we place a high priority on sustainable living and all our wood is 100% sustainably sourced.


2.You feel iffy about chemicals.
There are some gnarly chemicals out there used to treat wood. Our watches go through a safe, environmentally-friendly process!


3. You're active.
Wooden watches are usually lighter than metal ones. You’ll forget you’re even wearing it! They’re ideal for the person on the go.


4.You like to think outside the box.
Wooden watches are bold and stand out. Get ready for a conversation starter.




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