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5 Golden California Facts | Wooden Watches Made In California

5 Golden California Facts | Wooden Watches Made In California

Did You Know These Facts About California?


It’s time we learned some fun facts about TreeHut’s home, the golden state of California. The sunny and enchanting place has some hidden info worth knowing about.


The highest point in California is Mount Whitney (14,494 feet above sea level) and the lowest point is Death Valley at 282 feet below sea level.


California became the 31st state in 1850. Before this, California was an independent country for one month in 1846!


40 million residents call California home (about ⅛ of the U.S. population and more than the entire population of Canada!).


Most of California's residents belong to a minority ethnic group. Actually, one out of every four Californians was not born in the U.S!


The name California was born out of a 16th-century Spanish romance novel that talks about a mythical paradise called California.



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