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4 Reasons Why Wooden Watches are Right For You (and 4 Reasons It's Not)

4 Reasons Why Wooden Watches are Right For You (and 4 Reasons It's Not)

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A watch is a watch… right? Well, not exactly. While it’s true that each timepiece tells the same time as any other, that doesn’t make everyone of them the same. 
After all, owning a gold wristwatch would be very different than owning a lead one, right? So if each watch is unique, how can you really know that your watch should be wooden? How can you know that a wooden wristwatch is right for you?


Luckily, we’ve put together a handy list to help you out. If you’re on the fence about getting yourself (or your loved one) a wooden watch, you won’t be in the dark after you’ve read these. Let’s get started!


4 Reasons a Wooden Wristwatch is Right For You


Well, at Treehut, anyway. We place such a high priority on sustainable living—would couldn’t dream of harming old growth forests just to make our watches. While we can’t speak for anyone else, the wood we use is 100% sustainably sourced, and will always remain that way.

2. It’s Safe

Sometimes it’s not the wood people are worried about… it’s the chemicals used to treat the wood. And we get it—there are some gnarly chemicals out there that we wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, let alone wear them around our wrists. But for us? No worries. Each one of our watches goes through a safe, environmentally-friendly process as it’s being created (no gnarly chemicals here!)

3. It’s Light

Wooden watches are usually lighter than metal ones like gold or silver (and yes, we get asked that question a lot.) Our materials, even though they’re robust, are light and airy enough to even forget you’re wearing it!

4. It’s Strong

Now, yes—don’t go smashing it with any hammers to test its strength, but a wooden watch is durable enough to outlast many traditional metal watches. As long as you give your watch the respect it deserves, it’ll respect you right back.

5. It’s Unique

Get ready for a ton of compliments. (Seriously, it just comes with the territory.) Wooden watches are just a bit different… so if you don’t mind standing out, being bold, and giving back to the environment, a wooden watch is the way to go.


4 Reasons a Wooden Wristwatch Might Not Be Right For You


1. You’re a Mermaid (Or Just Really Like the Water)

If you’re prone to wear your watch while swimming or showering, a wooden watch might not be your best bet. While they’re splashproof, they aren’t waterproof… which means no mermaids allowed. (Sorry!)

2. You Wear It While Doing Manual Labor

Yes, our watches are durable. No, they aren’t invincible. If you’re often wearing your watch while operating heavy machinery, doing hazardous work, or sword fighting, you might just run into a problem.

3. You Live in a Sauna

If your watch is always in a hot, dry area (like a sauna or on top of a heater), it does run the rare risk of cleaving. While it’s not common, it’s not impossible.

4. You’re a Firespitter (And Not A Very Good One)

If you happen to be a firespitter and you have the habit of catching your wrists on fire accidentally, a wooden watch is probably not something you want to look into. (But a small tip from us to you... you also might want to choose a different hobby.)


What If It’s For My Loved One?


If you’re trying to figure out whether a wooden watch would be a good fit for your loved one, you can get a much better idea by answering a few simple questions about them.
  • Are they adventurous?
  • Do they like the outdoors?
  • Do natural materials appeal to them?
  • Do they have a style that’s more outgoing?
  • Do they go for quality over flash?

If those were mostly yes’s, you can almost bet that they’ll love a wooden watch. Give them a gift they’ll never forget with a watch that suits them perfectly!

What More Should I Know About Treehut Watches?


  • Treehut is a pioneer in the world of wood watches, creating some of the first wood watch combinations (such as two-tone wood and wood with marble)
  • Our watches rely on extremely durable quartz mechanisms from Japan
  • You can add a personal engraving to the backs of all watches
  • Many of our leather straps can be changed to fit your style or mood
  • We handcraft every watch with love and care, giving special attention to the details to create a story in each timepiece
  • Every model of our watches is available online 



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