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Blog > 3 Reasons Why Wooden Watches are Better than Metal Watches

3 Reasons Why Wooden Watches are Better than Metal Watches

Which Is Better: Metal or Wooden Watches?


Metal or Wood. It’s a tough question. If you’ve been in the market for a watch before, we know you’ve probably thought about why you should get one kind over the other. After all, your watch says something about you… so you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. But if you’ve ever looked at a wood watch and thought, “Is this gonna be as good as my metal one” or vice versa, we’ve put together a few reasons to take the plunge and try a wood watch (even if you’ve been a die-hard metal fan all your life.) Ready? Here they are:


1. A Wood Watch is Completely Unique



No two are alike—unlike metal, where many batches of watches can be the exact replica of all the others. In a wooden watch, you’re creating a partnership with nature through something that was once a living organism. For that, metal just can’t compete.


2. Wood Watches Are Lightweight



Metal is heavy and dense, so when you wear it all day, you feel it. Most especially, if you like a chunky frame or a large face on a watch, metal’s bulky weight will get in your way. A wood frame can offer you that bold look you like… without weighing you down.


3. Wood Watches Age Well



While metal watches simply collect scratches as they age, a wood watch actually changes with you. This changing look doesn’t make it more dull, as in metal watches, but actually adds to its richness, giving it depth and history.


Still not convinced?


We’ve got loads more info on which watch to pick if you’ve got skin sensitivities, which one is the better deal, and which wears better on your wrist all day. Want to take a look? Come read this article and see 3 more reasons to get yourself a wooden watch today!



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