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What To Expect After You Place Your Order for Treehut Wooden Watch

What To Expect After You Place Your Order for Treehut Wooden Watch

Thank You For Your Purchase!

You’ve placed your order- What happens next?



Yay, you placed your order! One very lucky person will receive such a thoughtful gift. So what happens next? Well... I’ll tell you!


Order Confirmation


Right after you place your order, we send you an order confirmation email. It has details like your specific items and a receipt. Expect a second email with a shipping tracking number when your items have shipped and are on its way to you. 




Next, our expert manufacturing team in San Francisco California assembles your watch. The process starts with selecting the watch parts and moves on to the actual assembly and customization. We have an assortment of cases, dials, hands, and bands to choose from. Watch assembly time varies.  It depends on the watch design and custom engraving. We Assemble most watches within 24 hours, then check for quality assurance.





After we assemble your watch, then test and review it - we package each one.  We developed a custom Treehut watch box. It includes a toolkit for band adjusting purposes. We also add a branded booklet with instructions on how to set the time on your watch. It also covers care information and warranty details. Last, we place a unique authenticity certificate in the box.  It includes the date of assembly and a personal stamp of approval from your watchmaker.   




It takes about 2-3 days to process your order. This includes- receiving, assembling, engraving, and shipping. Once shipped out and scanned by the mail carrier, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Your order should arrive within the next 7-14 business days. We also offer 2-5 business days with express shipping for US orders. For more shipping details- click here. 



We’re as excited as you are for you to receive your order! We hope that this was helpful and answered your questions. If you have any more, please email us at help@treehut.co to receive personal support from our customer service team. We are always happy to help!




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