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Heart- Melting Letters to Santa

Heart- Melting Letters to Santa

Who doesn't remember how excited you were to see presents under the tree Christmas morning?  You'd been waiting all year, put some milk and cookies out the night before, could hardly sleep in anticipation, and finally, the morning arrives; it's Christmas!

But first, it all starts with a Christmas list of desired gifts. Here are some cute letters to Santa. We can relate to these kids. 

Let us know in the comments below what you wrote to Santa when you were a kid!


We wish we were this technology efficient when we were little.


We can understand why she wants to impress the boys.  It's a harsh world out there for a girl.


Who doesn't want to be a dragon??

We feel it; sometimes you just have to demand what you want. 


This kid thinks ahead of time, and we like that.


What we think should be on an adult's Christmas list? A Tree Hut watch of course.  

It's the ultimate personalized gift of love and adventure.  Perfect to show your loved ones how much you care.  It truly is the best gift ever. 


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