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June 20, 2024
11 Fun Bridal Party Photo Ideas

It's time for your wedding party's group shot, do you let your photographer take the reigns or come prepared? If you said come prepared then it sounds like you'll have...

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15 Hilarious Groomsmen Photo Ideas

How far are you willing to go to take a hilarious groomsmen photo? If you're answer is far then we have the photo inspo you need. But be warned, you'll need...

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22 Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Photos | Best Couples Gifts | Groomsmen Gifts

We all love a romantic photo of the newlyweds, but when the photographer calls for a silly shot, what will you do? Stick your tongue out or fetch your props?...

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12 Hilarious Bridesmaid Photos

Who says groomsmen get to have all the fun? All you need to spice up your bridesmaid photo shoot is some hilarious poses and everyday props. Here's a list of...

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Tradition or Myth: Do I Give a Wedding Gift to My Fiancé?

Your fiancé has given you a gorgeous wedding ring and you wedding day is near. Do you get him a gift in return or is the wedding band enough? Maybe you've...

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11 Love Phrases in French and English

There are lots or reasons to love France, but why is French the iconic language of love? Of all the romance languages, it could be argued that Italian is the...

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7 Avoidable Wedding Dress Mishaps

We all know the timeless proverb, “a smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from other’s mistakes.” Within the wedding sphere no one wants a second...

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How to Propose to Your Boyfriend

Every four years we add an extra day to the calendar: February 29th or Leap Day. This has been happening since 45 B.C., when Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar,...

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5 Creative Ways to Add a Touch of Nature to Your Wedding

The wedding season is upon us and loads of brides and grooms-to-be are opting for outdoor weddings. Others are opting to bring nature indoors. Wherever the setting – weather indoor...

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9 Essentials For a Nature Inspired Wedding

It's time to plan your wedding and we truly believe a nature-inspired theme is the way to go! Not only can it be more affordable - but it brings in a simple, elegant...

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Here Comes The Bride...and Groomsmen!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white - and here comes the groomsmen, all dressed in...Tree Hut! It's wedding season, Y'all - Summer is when the wedding bells are...

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