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5 Signs You Found The One: According to Treehut.co Watches

5 Signs You Found The One: According to Treehut.co Watches

5 Signs You Found The One

Curious to know if your man is “Mr. Right” or just “Mr. Right Now”? Trust me, ladies, we have ALL come across this question at least once in our relationships. So how do you know when you’ve found the one? What are the signs? Are there any? Yes indeed, and I’m here to help. There are 5 signs that can point you in the direction of true love. Let's take a look! 

They Set Aside Time To Be With You

Let’s be honest – we’re busy. We all have careers to pursue, dinner with friends every other night, master degrees to acquire, sports to practice, day jobs, night jobs, part time jobs, family reunions, dream trips to take. The list goes on and on. We live in a world where the culture of busy is totally acceptable and more importantly - expected. So, when someone new comes into our lives, we’re adding them to a long list of responsibilities. Making the time to meet, listen, laugh, and enjoy ourselves in the company of that special person is something that we cannot - at any time - take for granted. Are they taking the time from their busy schedule to see you? Are you spending quality time together? Yes? Well, I have good news for you - they might be the one!

They Push You to be Better 

When we have someone special in our lives, we start to see life with their perspective, therefore; we start trying new things and shaping up to be a little more like the other. Breaking that barrier and experimenting new things isn’t an easy task. In many ways we start to push ourselves to eat better, practicing that sport our special someone enjoys, learn more about their culture and their favorite food, we start wanting to learn a new language or start experiencing new music, arts, and movies they may enjoy that you didn’t before. Whatever it may be that is pushing you to grow and have a whole new outlook on life, hold onto it tight. Feeling emotionally and intellectually challenged is the best path towards love.  Do you want to be better when you’re around them? Do you feel like you can do better? Yes?! - a Great sign that you’ve found the one.

You Can Be Yourself Around Them 

We all have insecurities. We all have aspects of our life that we would like to hide, change, or even enhance when stepping out in the world. This relates to how we look, but also how we act and carry ourselves. Let’s be real – when it comes to meeting someone new, we all put the best version of ourselves out there. Especially on those first few dates. As you start getting comfortable with the other person, a more raw version of yourself begins to shine through. You should be aware of that and embrace it.  Do you feel your insecurities melting down when you’re around them? Do you feel like you can talk about everything and anything? Do you want to share your dreams and fears? If you answered yes, you might have found the one!

You Can't Imagine Your Future Without Them

Do you catch yourself daydreaming about your boo thang right in the middle of an important meeting? Do you make plans for weekend travels and include them at Thanksgiving and Christmas events?  Oh, honey, that is a big sign right there.

They Gift the Good Gift

Gifting someone is a gesture that implies that you were thinking about them and that you’ve spent the time to find the perfect gift, which could be big or small. You can gift them a yummy homemade dinner, flowers on a special occasion, their favorite chocolate candy bar, a cup of their favorite coffee, a diamond ring, or a trip to Aspen. No matter how big or small, how cheap or expensive. What matters most is the thought behind it.

Say it with a Treehut Watch 

Treehut Co Engraved Watch

Tell that special someone they’re the one by gifting them a timeless gift. We here at Treehut are not only creating unique wooden watches but also creating memories for you and your loved ones. Let us be apart of your Happily Ever After by gifting your only some Treehut love today! 

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