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Which Parent Are You More Like? | All-Wood Watches For Dad

Which Parent Are You More Like? | All-Wood Watches For Dad

Best Wood Band Watches For Him


A Little More Than Half of Our Heart

Did you know that, genetically speaking, we’re actually more like our dads than our moms? Weird, right? Bet you thought that it was an equal share (because we did). But it’s true. Even though we get the same amount of genetic mutations from our parents, we actually use more of the DNA we get from our dads. So that means you can thank Dad for that extra dose of freckles, that dimple in your chin, or your shared love of hiking. Dad’s with you every time you look in the mirror, which means he deserves to be treated in a big way. 


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Kasandra G.



5th anniversary

Very happy so far. Beautiful watch delivered a beautiful box. It is a fifth anniversary gift for my husband, 3/7 so he hasn’t seen it yet. I really think he’s going to love it.

Classic Ebony Maple Burl


  Alex F.



Husband loves it!

I was hesitant to purchase at first, I just had a hard time believing that all the great reviews were real, but decided to go for it as this is one of the few places that I found that has nice looking watches that can also be engraved. I am so glad that I decided to purchase. The watch looked fantastic. My husband loves it. It's the only one that he has that has marble. He has another wooden watch from a different company, and we both like this one better. Just make a note, when you purchase the marble face, it won't look exactly like the picture. My husband's watch only has one thing band of white running through it, so when you see it from a distance it makes it almost look like the glass is cracked.. Overall, we love this watch and the engraving was perfect. I would purchase from this company again.

  Odyssey Black Marble Ebony



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