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WHICH IS BETTER: Metal or Wooden Watches?

WHICH IS BETTER: Metal or Wooden Watches?

You know we love our wooden watches. They’re durable, customizable, and let’s be honest… beyond beautiful to look at. You can engrave them, add different materials to them, and wear them for any occasion. 

But when it comes to metal watches, do we know how they stack up? 

After all, metal watches have been around a very long time—and when it comes to strength, we know they’ve probably got us beat. 

In a Fair Fight, Who Would Win?


But even if a wooden watch is more delicate, does that mean it’d lose against a metal watch if you compared them side-by-side?

Psh, of course not! There are tons of reasons wooden watches are the way to go.

When we took a look at the benefits of wood watches compared to their more mainstream counterparts, it was pretty easy to see why one was the clear winner.

And even if they aren’t quite as strong as metal timepieces (although they’re still pretty darn durable), there are so many great aspects of wood watches that make up for it. Want to hear a few? Here we go…


Should I Choose a Wooden Watch? 3 Reasons the Answer is “Yes”


1. Wood Watches are Inexpensive

It’s not very rare to pay upwards of $1,000 for a high-end metal watch, but for a unique, attractive, and well-made wooden one? You can find gorgeous pieces for under $100. In fact, some of our favorite Treehut pieces are actually found in the “Under $150” category on our website.

The great news is that even though it’s more affordable, it can last just as long. A wooden watch that’s been constructed well can keep ticking for many, many years—and look incredible the entire time.

2. Wood Watches Can Work Both Formally and Informally

Whatever your occasion, there’s a wooden watch that will work for you. In fact, some wooden watches will work either way, giving you immaculate style no matter where you’re going or what you’re wearing. In terms of sheer versatility, wooden watches are ideal.

If you’re an outdoor person (going fishing, hiking, or simply into nature), wood can perfectly complement that rustic, raw appeal. And if you are more of a city traveler with a sophisticated flair, the right wooden watch can add that edge of modern uniqueness.

3. Wood Watches are Great for Sensitive Skin

Many people complain that metal (or even plastic) watches can irritate their skin—and there’s something to that. Sometimes alloys or chemicals used to make the watch can be harsh on sensitive skin, leaving the wearer feeling uncomfortable.

Wood watches, however, are not made with the same processes. They skip the alloys and intense chemicals that other watches come in contact with. This is great news for people who deal with skin sensitivities (or simply people who don’t want to expose themselves to those kinds of irritants.)

Not only that, a metal watch can be a little hazardous if it gets too hot. If it’s sitting in the sun too long or in hot temperatures, it conducts heat and has the capacity to burn your skin. Not so with a wooden watch.


So… Metal or Wood?

At the end of the day, it’s your style and your choice. It all depends on your needs. But if you want to wear something that’s completely unique, lightweight, and a wonderful potential heirloom… wooden watches stand out.

There’s something incredibly personal about the way a wooden watch connects us to nature and draws upon quiet beauty for its stylishness. It’s amazing how one simple accessory could be so understated yet so bold, but a wooden watch somehow manages to do both with grace and ease.

So which one is for you? Only you can say. But for us, the clear choice will always be that unique, beautiful connection to nature that we can find nowhere else but in a wooden watch.

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